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Winter Moving Tips: Avoid These Dates When Moving to Frisco, TX

Winter Moving Tips - Avoiding Traffic

The winter holiday season not only brings with it cheer and family gatherings, it also brings heavy traffic on the roads and slippery snowfall on your walkways. Since moving can be a complex and overwhelming undertaking as it is, you’ll likely want to avoid these two things as much as possible. To do so, avoid scheduling your Frisco movers for the following days.


Consider Snowfall When Scheduling Your Move to Frisco, TX

Frisco, TX, and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in general, doesn’t receive much annual snowfall. With a few exceptions, the average annual snowfall of our Northern Texas area is one inch of snow per year [1]. That isn’t much, but there is one month in particular that often sees the most inches of snowfall in Frisco every year, and that is the month of February. In fact, there was a record 12.6 inches of snow in 2010 [2]. Check the weather forecast for February before settling on a moving date during that month.


Skip Thanksgiving Traffic

Thanksgiving is a family holiday for Americans, where extended family members finally get to sit down and enjoy a meal together. That means mass migrations happen throughout the country during the week before this holiday, which means heavy traffic. Traffic is a thing to look out for when moving during the holidays – you’ll want to avoid the days standstill traffic is most likely. If you are a planning a move to Frisco or anywhere else in the Dallas-Fort Worth area around Thanksgiving, avoid being on the road during Wednesday at 3 p.m. and Saturday at 4 p.m. [3]


Don’t Move During the Year-End Holidays

During the winter holiday season, the heaviest traffic happens around and during the year-end holidays – Christmas and New Year’s Eve specifically. For their 2017 Holiday Traffic Forecast, the American Automobile Association estimated over 97 million Americans would be traveling by car during these dates [4]. To avoid potential delays and stress-inducing traffic jams, avoid scheduling your move during the dates right before, during, and after December 25 and January 1.

Planning a move to Frisco, TX during the holidays? Call our Frisco movers today to find out how our Frisco moving company can execute your winter move and meet all your relocation needs.



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