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Garage Organization DIY Ideas to Help You Stay Tidy

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One of the most underrated aspects of moving is making sure that your garage is organized. Sometimes, your garage is a disorderly combination of clothing, car parts, and old ornaments from years past. People who are considering moving or have recently moved need to consider how they are organizing their garage or storage space so that their move-in process is streamlined and expedited. Nobody understands how much of a headache preparing a move is more than Firehouse Movers, which is why we have prepared a handy garage organization guide. This guide is for those who find that their garage is a chaotic blend of junk and not an organized garage storage space. Whether you are considering a move or simply wish to spruce up your home, our firefighter movers are here to help with the following DIY garage storage ideas. 

Cheap Garage Storage Ideas

Draft a Floor Plan for Your Garage

Among the most effective and inexpensive garage storage ideas is drafting a floor plan. Having a floor plan for your garage is a great garage organization method because it helps you visualize how you will use every inch of your space. Dedicating a space for every item that is put in your garage helps you make sure that everything will be in its place and saves time rummaging through your belongings to find that special screwdriver or the specific screws needed to make a cabinet. To effectively create a floor plan, Firehouse Movers recommends taking an accurate measurement of the garage’s dimensions and note the location of your windows, doors, switches, etc. This is also useful when you learn how to build your own garage storage. 

Wall Mounts

Firehouse Movers Frisco and Firehouse Movers Dallas understand that the top priority when it comes to garage organization is to ensure that it is as inexpensively as possible. Fortunately, there are many affordable ways that you can organize your garage- mostly revolving around garage storage. For one, the fact that most garages do not have wall-mounted space means that most of your belongings will be sprawled along the floor. Installing wall-mounted shelves allows you to clear the floor while also making your floor more walkable. Our firefighter movers recommend purchasing cheap hooks and mounts so you can hang buckets or tubs along your walls. 

Your floor space is valuable. To make sure that your mounted storage is as ergonomic as possible, we recommend that you integrate a vertical organization to your wall mounts so that they take up as little floor space as possible. 

Tool Racks 

Garages are notorious for storing all kinds of tools. Whether it be gardening tools, car repair tools, or house upkeep tools, they are often found in inaccessible corners of the garage. Installing tool racks makes your tools more accessible and clears space for other things that you may need. This garage organization idea makes your move and ensuing home maintenance easier. You can either purchase a cheap tool rack at your nearest convenience store or even make one yourself. 

Whether it is giving you valuable DIY garage storage inspirations or providing exceptional moving and storage services, Firehouse movers Texas is ready to help you today. Contact our full-service moving company today or view our moving services page to learn more. 

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