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Texas Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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As Louisa May Alcott said, “Housekeeping ain’t no joke.” When spring rolls around, this sentiment rings even more true. Spring means new beginnings, and what better way to start fresh than with some spring cleaning tips from your North Texas full-service movers? We have highlighted some often neglected chores that you should focus on during your spring clean.

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Outside of the House

  • Clean out your gutters

    A tedious and sometimes gross job, cleaning out your gutters is an important spring cleaning tip to remember because it helps drainage and discourages the arrival of vermin onto your property. Unless you live in a wooden area here in Texas, one gutter cleaning a year should be sufficient.

  • Pressure wash the driveway

    Making your driveway glow from a good pressure washing is an extremely satisfying part of spring cleaning. If you notice mildew accumulating on the outside of your house, take the time to pressure wash it off as well.

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Inside of the House

  • Clean out your closet

    Often requiring more emotional than physical labor, cleaning out one’s closet is an undertaking. Deciding what is and isn’t worth keeping is hard, but since spring is the time to start fresh, our Plano local movers recommend letting loose and not being afraid to let go of items – you won’t miss them. Some closet organization ideas include:

    • Donate your used items to a local charity.
    • Hang similar items together, such as your shirts.
    • Organize your clothes by color – it is aesthetically pleasing and makes finding what you need even easier!
    • Utilize hanging organizers and other storage devices to save space.
    • Hang what you can, and store bulkier items in storage bags
  • Replace air conditioning filters

    Replacing air conditioning filters is essential to keeping your air quality high in the home and maintaining your AC unit’s condition. Be sure to read up on how often your unit needs AC replacement and follow those guidelines.

  • Remove cobwebs

    Often cobwebs accumulate without our notice but can be a big visual turn-off or harmful due to dust accumulation. Remove these pesky cobwebs with a broom or by hosing them off.

  • Dust away

    Lightbulbs, vents, electronics, tables, that random corner you never think about – these all need a little love and should be dusted. It’s easy to forget how much dust accumulates on these surfaces and how much of a difference it makes when you remove it, so this is an especially important spring cleaning tip.