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Ways to Support Our Troops

silhouette of military member saluting a large American flag

Memorial Day 2020 falls on Monday, May 25. It is a time to remember those who have served and are serving our country. Our North Texas full-service movers have compiled of a list of ways you can support our troops and the nation’s veterans.

Donate Items for Veterans & Their Families

There are many troops, veterans, and veteran families who need various items and services. If you have the resources, take the time to donate items. There are a variety of organizations that you can donate many different items that are needed. For instance, you can donate your wedding dress to Brides Across America1, or baby shower items to Operation Shower.2 These items will be greatly appreciated by the honorable military troops, veterans, and families that need them the most.

Send Care Packages to Support Troops Overseas

If you personally know troops that have been deployed overseas, send them personalized care packages to bring the comforts of home to them and remind them of what lies in store when they return. If you are not familiar with troops to send care packages to, there are services that can match you up with soldiers and allow you to choose what kind of items to send over. Our Texas long-distance movers are big fans of the Angel Bakers Team, which are part of the Soldiers’ Angels organization, who send homemade baked goods to deployed service members.3

Write a Thank-You Letter to Military Members

Receiving a hand-written, genuine thank-you letter is incredibly meaningful to the military members who are serving our country. Send love and a smile through a letter with your own personal touch. There are many different organizations who help civilians write a thank-you letter and send it to our soldiers, such as Operation Gratitude, suggested by our movers in Plano.4

Volunteer for Veterans

Veterans are a vulnerable population in our society. They often do not get the support that they need and deserve, so it is important that civilians reach out and connect with them. There are many services that can connect you to a veteran. Consider reaching out to your local VA hospital or Volunteer for Veterans.5

Anything Helps

Since there are so many ways to support our troops and military veterans, it can be hard to choose the best way to do so. Show our troops your appreciation in the ways that allow you to express your personal gratitude and connection with the US military. Any act of kindness or service goes a long way; Firehouse Movers challenges you to make it a goal to support troops this Memorial Day and serve those who have served you.



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