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What You Should do When Moving to a New House

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Whether you are a new homeowner or someone simply moving into a new house after renting, you need to consider a few things when moving. Firehouse Movers is experienced in bringing new people to their new homes and has compiled a useful list for people who are relocating that want to know what to do when moving to a new house. The most important tips revolve around money-saving, cleaning, and even things to install to make the transition easier. Continue reading below to discover some essential tips that our Texas moving and storage service has to offer. 

What Are the Most Important Things to Do When Moving Into a New Home? 

One of the most important things to do when moving into a new home is to do a walkthrough to make sure everything is up to par with what was agreed upon. This includes any repairs that were agreed on in the sale, that all the contents of the home promised by the contract are present inside the house, and that everything is in working order. Our firefighter movers note that this is much easier to do when there is no furniture or children present in the house, so make sure to check for these items before you move in. 

Secondly, we recommend that your child and pet-proof your home to ensure that your kids and pets are safe. Even if you previously conducted many walkthroughs and tours, walking around the house and imagining how to make it as safe as possible is the best thing to do for your children and pets. Checking windows and electrical outlets should be the first thing you do in this case. 

What Are the Most Important Things to Set Up When Moving Into a New Home? 

Since child and pet proofing are the most important things to do before moving into a new house, setting up gates or installing fences that prevent accidents should also be a priority, along with installing breakers on exposed electrical outlets. We recommend making a detailed list of what to buy when you’re moving into a new house that ensures everyone’s safety. 

Since you probably don’t know who the home’s previous owner was or who has their hands on your keys, when you are moving to a new house, you should also be keen to install new locks. By taking this extra safety precaution, you could save yourself a lot of headaches down the road. Scheduling a locksmith should be one of the top priorities for people moving into a new house. 

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