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Onsite Reviews

I would recommend Firehouse Movers to anyone that is looking for a highly professional moving company.   I have used them three times and will again in the future.  If you are wanting prompt, safe, and knowledgeable movers please consider Firehouse Movers.


Great job! Carlos, Manuel, and Javier did a great job. Also, you left one of your wrenches at my apartment. It is 7/16 x 1/2 open end. If you want to pick it up call or email me. Thanks.

david gayle

The guys were wonderful. I had 2 movers and they were efficient and quick and did their very best loading the truck and getting everything in. I would definitely recommend them.

Frisco, Texas

Denise Fautheree

We we have moved a lot over the years with our home and office moves.  Carlos, Manuel and Tony were the best ever. Two years ago we moved and Carlos was part of that moving team as well. They were so good last time we hired them for this move and were again delighted with work they did. Not only are they super polite, work fast and efficiently they are just very nice people.

I was not well prepared for this move. Things were in different areas some stayed some went. Quite confusing but I gave Carlos a quick overview not expecting him to remember and that I would be there to assist. No need he got the instructions correct. Amazing super intelligent.

We had hm move things around in the house as well a little out of the ordinary and on some items we changed our mind.  All handled with a smile from all three men.

I highly recommend this company they are the best we have ever used.

Ngaire and Ken

These guys are just awesome….. With the recommendation of a friend, we called Kyle for a quote.  I was dreading a move, we had 16 years’ worth of stuff accumulated, but Kyle came out and calmly assessed the mess and quoted us a fair price on packing for a full day and moving for a full day the next day.  3 men for at least 10 hours each day.  We managed to get farther along on our own packing than we had expected so we had our appt revised to just moving on Friday with Terry on the phone, she is just great too, kept us in the loop about everything.  Moving day arrives:  Herman, Javier and Martin called me 20 minutes before the 7 a.m. arrival to let me know they were on the way, arrived spot on 7 am, took a general of view on where to get started and got straight to it.  They continued working non-stop throughout the day.  They were careful, funny, patient, good-spirited, we were SO fortunate to get such a great moving company and a great team.

They came in under budget and UNDER the quote!  If we continue on this same time cycle, we won’t need movers for several years, but regardless, I heartily recommend Kyle and his company, Firehouse Movers, for my friends, family, co-workers and colleagues.  They made a stressful experience actually pleasant.  Totally worth every penny!!

Dana B

Alfonso, Raul, and Jimmy moved three storage rooms’ worth of my late parents’ treasured antiques, and a lifetime of my home furnishings, all carefully packed into one big truck, and unloaded them into my new townhome today.  They were efficient, courteous, and fast.  But  here’s the reason I would always call them again – and would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends, or anyone I know, and it is the most important reason of all.  Peace of mind.  These precious young men treated my belongings as if they were moving their own.  These days, you can find many companies that will move you.  It’s impossible to find people who treat you like family, handle your life-long possessions with respect, so that you can relax.   And actually ENJOY your move.  With Christmas only days away, they gave me the greatest gift of all.  They made me feel special, and  they made a potentially stressful, complicated move, a joyful occasion!  Thank you so, so much.  Merry Christmas to my favorite movers!

Jill Strehl
Euless, TX

The BEST move I’ve ever had!

Devin, Jose M and Amadeo were great!

When they arrived Jose M knocked on the door introduced himself, shook my hand, while Devin & Amadeo were parking the truck.

I was very impressed with that gesture.

I showed them what I had and they did their thing.

I will certainly recommend Firehouse Movers to anyone I know that is relocating. Your company is definitely a class act!

Thank you


“Firehouse movers is an amazing moving company. Joe, Javier, Terry, and Steven were excellent. This is the third move we’ve used Joe’s crew for and, like every other time, it has been fast, smooth, and without incident. The Firehouse difference is in the details. The team always moves fast, a two stage move only took a few hours. Joe has significant experience in moving and coordinates all team members to move large items without damage to walls or floors. Each team member cared about not just simply moving items but placing them where needed and with great care. Team members will change shirts throughout the move to ensure your furniture and goods stay clean upon move in. Joe is an expert at fitting a whole house into one trailer to save trips. I can’t say enough good things about Firehouse movers especially the team above. We would recommend Firehouse to anyone looking for great movers!”

Satisfied Customer

I want to thank you all for making this move as painless as possible. From the ladies in the office to the moving crew, you guys are professional. If I had to move tomorrow, I would request that the same guys were sent to do the job. Your guys are happy people and they like what they are doing, and it shows. And, they are caring and helpful. They made the whole process painless. I had a great move! I was very impressed. I feel as though I have 6 new friends with those guys. They are awesome!

Thank you!

Beth M.
I was extremely pleased with the level of service I received from Luis, Geovanni, and Erick yesterday! I chose to use Firehouse in a previous move, and had excellent service then, so I opted to use you guys again. I am just as pleased this time around!! The guys worked very hard, were courteous to me, and treated my belongings with the utmost respect and caution.
I have had bad movers before, so I am forevermore the overcautious mover, and the mere thought of someone moving my items puts my stomach in knots. I was immediately at ease once your team got started! Luis and Geovanni worked diligently to cover my furniture completely while Erick took extensive care of my boxes when taking them from my apartment and loading them into the truck.  One thing I appreciated is that the guys had a great relationship with each other, and could banter back and forth with one another (and sometimes me) without compromising the care of my belongings!
I recommend Firehouse Movers to everyone I can! Please forward this message to the appropriate personnel to review my comments. These guys deserve every penny they get paid and more!   I will definitely use Firehouse Movers in the future!
Cody M.