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Determining How Much Storage Space You Need

While location is the name of the game in real estate, there’s another important aspect – storage. Storage is important not just for real estate, but also moving. Many families and businesses that move long distances find that they’ll need to park their items in a Frisco storage unit at one point or another during…

Dallas for children

Fun Activities in Dallas For Children

Dallas continues to grow each year and is home to some of the best activities for children. Moving to Dallas might be a choice parents make, but it can be fun for the whole family. Check out a few of the best activities in Dallas for children and enjoy the day as a family. Theme…

driving to Dallas Texas

Moving to Dallas: How to Make it Fun

Dallas Texas is one of the greatest cities to visit and certainly is ranked as one of the best to live. With endless options in bars, entertainment and did we mention great food! Moving to Dallas is a time to celebrate, however, the stress of moving might not make you feel this way right now.…

preparing for winter in the moving season

Best Tips to Prepare for an End-of-Winter Move

While North Texans are enjoying the few more months of summer we have left, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be preparing to move in the winter. Snow in Dallas is a rare occurrence but it’s possible. Our experts share their best tips to help you prepare for an end-of-winter move. Prepare Your New Home Nothing…

to do checklist

Packing and Moving Timeline for A Move to Texas

Figuring out what to pack and when to pack for your big move can be a little overwhelming. Never fear, the house and apartment movers at FireHouse Movers Inc. are here! We have created this packing and moving timeline and overview to give you a handle on the situation. Though this is not the be…

buying home

Should You Rent or Buy in Frisco Texas

To rent or to buy, that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to rent a home in North Texas and retain thy fortune, or to take arms against the Frisco housing market and by opposing, buy a home with a fixed mortgage rate for 30 years. See, even Shakespeare has been asking…

Frequently asked questions

FAQs About Frisco, Texas Answered By Frisco Movers

If there’s one question our Frisco movers don’t get nearly often enough it’s this: what is Frisco, Texas like? If there’s anyone that can answer the most common FAQs about Frisco, Texas it’s our movers. We are born and raised Texan Firefighters and we know Frisco backwards and forward. It’s our home and we want…

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7 Warning Signs of a Bad Moving Company

The problem with moving companies is that you once you realize that they are terrible, it’s too late, you’re already moving and they have already damaged your belongings. But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why we have listed the warning signs of a bad moving company, so that you can decide to…