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How to Succeed After Moving to a New City

Picking up and leaving behind your routine, comfortability, and security is never easy. Staying focused and having clear goals in mind is important for your success after moving to a new city. Use our guide below to triumph in your new environment. 1. Move Efficiently Moving is a huge task. Sorting through your life, decluttering,…

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The Growing Number of Millennials in Dallas

Millennials are defined as people born between 1981 and 1996 and they currently make up the majority of the nation’s workforce, with a good portion of them living here in Dallas. As such, small and large businesses are accommodating to their preferences and opening more locations in areas where millennials are living, such as Dallas.…

Is Climate Change Making Hail Worse

Will Climate Change Lead to More Severe Hailstorms in Texas

According to the National Weather Service, North Texas typically experiences two to three hail days per year.1 However, hail causes some of the most expensive damage. For the last 25 years, Texas has suffered 36 disasters that lead to over $100 million in damages. Five were tornadoes, while 29 disasters were hailstorms.2 That cost could…

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