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Onsite Reviews

I received the best service from Firehouse Movers. I was truly impressed with the 3 guys that was sent to my residence to move my stuff. Prior to the move I was a bit stressed as to how things would go and whether or not the guys would be sloppy or break my stuff. I was so happy when they arrived and just to see how quickly and efficiently they moved was a relief. Tony, and his team was great. They were polite, friendly, quick and very careful. They did not put a dent or broke anything. I was so happy and relieved. Thank you Firehouse Movers, I will refer you in the future and will use you guys again if need be. I give this company 10 stars!!!!

Karen C.

These guys are the Best. They came in introduced  themselves Brenner, Duke and the other one Xavier ( sorry it was hard to read) and they were so professional and very polite and such a pleasure to be around. My husband is a Retired Fire Captain and we decided to try them and we are really glad we did. I have never imagine movers could be so pleasurable and enjoyed their jobs as these three did. Thank you and I am glad we gave you a try.  If you need anything moved you have to use these guys the price was good, service was great and they worked fast. We were very impressed.

Dale Brown

Move date: 7/29/2016; Family of 5, short distance move; 3.5 hours, accurate estimate.

Short Review:  

Professional, thorough, & courteous.

Firehouse Movers provided the most flawless service I have ever received from a moving company. The crew who handled our move made it look easy AND with Carlos as the lead for this crew, rest assured you will NOT have anything to worry but unpacking once its all said and done.

Long Review 

I rarely write reviews, but in this case I would be remiss not to do so as the service FireHouseMovers provided went above & beyond outstanding.

Although ours was a short-distance move, this move presented many challenges… an unforgiving Texas July heat, a pack-rat-type family of five with subpar packing skills, and an injured parent who could offer little or no help, all stacked against the Firehouse crew who, nonetheless, flawlessly got our family from old home to new home making it look easy, and tirelessly, methodically, & with the utmost care hauling our cargo with a smile.

Though our move was scheduled to start by 11Am, they were running a bit late so we received a call letting us know of the situation. And this speaks volumes, not only did they called to let us know they were running late, but most importantly, its hard to believe the amazing job they did on our move,  & how hard they worked EVEN after knowing ours was not their first move of the day.

Carlos & his crew, were not only a pleasure to deal with, but their attention to detail, and care, not only in handling whatever they were carrying, but most importantly, the attention they paid and care they took in making sure no damage was done to walls, frames, etc. as they navigated through our scattered home was commendable. This crew deserves many praises because under Carlos’s lead they safely managed our move in under 4 hours… not by carelessly rushing through packing their truck and dropping things wherever fits best, they did this following detailed instructions my wife provided when we first met them… not sure how he did it, but Carlos has some sort of photographic memory because after my wife relayed the plan (when I say my wife’s detailed instructions I am NOT kidding) there was never a need to repeat instructions nor did they ask any questions throughout the move.

I appreciate Firehouse & Carlos’s crew for making our move so painless and would recommend them any day.


Beltran Family


Beltran Family

HUGE shout out to Carlos, Clifton, Steven, and Javier!  This is an amazing group of professionals that never stop moving while continually asking if everything is ok!  They make sure they are doing exactly what you want done!!  They move everything with extreme caution making sure not to damage your furniture or your house. I’ve called on them twice and will do so again in the future with any of my moving needs.  By far the best moving experience I have ever had!


I heard of Firehouse Movers from a good friend of mine who hired them to move her a few months ago.  From start to finish, my experience with this company was way above standard!  Allison, who works in the office, was very patient and explanatory about the move process, the rates, and the time frame in which the crew would arrive.  I own an upright piano, 56″ x 37″ x 24.”  I had mentioned this to Allison during my first call and she just asked that I email the photos and dimensions to determine what kind of equipment the crew would need to bring and if there would be an extra charge.  During my follow-up call, I was so pleasantly surprised to find out there would not be an extra charge!  I moved from a one-bedroom on the fourth floor (the building had an elevator) to a two-bedroom on the second floor (no elevator).  These guys got that up the stairs and placed in the apartment exactly where I asked.  That was awesome! 🙂 I was prepared for the most part (still had some random things to pack), but had them move all sealed boxes and all of my furniture.  Allison also followed up with me three times to keep me up-to-date prior to my move date of 10/22/16.  Raul, Alex, and Erix arrived at 1215PM (my time frame was 11AM-3PM).  They had all of my furniture and belongings loaded in about an hour and a half.  My new place was 22 miles away and even with a traffic tie-up, they arrived in great time.  I rented a storage unit on-site and they took all of the boxes to be stored straight to the storage unit, which helped immensely.  That way, I didn’t have to move them out of the apartment myself.  They were extremely careful with everything and avoiding the walls.  I did not find one mark on any wall.  And I greatly appreciated them wrapping my furniture in blankets and shrink wrap.  It’s $19 for a roll of shrink wrap and well worth it, in my opinion.  They finished with my move in three hours and 45 minutes!  Moving the piano alone was impressive and my overall experience was outstanding!  I would highly recommend Firehouse Movers and if I need to hire movers again in the future,  I will be calling them!  🙂

David Schnakenberg

We wanted to tell how awesome Carlos and his team were in our move. We were moving from an apt and a storage and into a house. They had to make 2 trips and they practically ran the whole time. They were so polite and helpful. Moving in itself is a chore but we were so Blessed to have these guys help us. If you have to move I highly recommend these guys!!

Louis Eubanks

Very pleased with the professional and Curtiss service that we received. Good bunch of folks to deal with.

Greg Staley

Forgive me for taking so long to submit this but as anyone who has moved from one house to another knows how much and long everything about moving takes. Our crew from Firehouse Movers was Herman, Martin and Brandon. This crew was not only absolutely professional but worked very hard to move everything carefully and kept a running upbeat dialog among themselves to keep up their energy up and with us to keep our spirits up. I am a disabled veteran, and unable to do much physically. We were moving from a house we had lived in for 33 years to a new built house. We only moved a mile and a half away, but it took three 36 foot trailer loads, after 5 garage sales, to get the big stuff over. Herman and his crew worked for about 13 hours straight, with a short break for lunch, and I was getting tired watching them. Herman kept a running gag up with me by singing my wife’s name when he needed to get a decision where to put something! It was all in good fun and I teased him right back. They were the epitome of professional and all our stuff made it in great shape! If I had to move again, pray God I don’t, I would certainly hire Firehouse Movers again without hesitation. Highest recommendation I can give.

Dennis Larson

Mario and his crew were on time and outstanding, handling our move with great care and efficiency.  We are very happy with the service and will be calling in January to have your group move us to our new house.

Sharon Williams

Fihouse movers came to our house just the other day and they were amazing!!! I knew they would be sting but wow they are strong. A few things wouldn’t die though places but they figured out way to work it out. And even with all that they were super nice to my whole family. Nothing was damaged or scraped. I’m very satisfied and happy with this company. If we heart move again i’ll be sure to use them.Thank you so much Firhouse Movers!!!

Kathryn Morgan