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Made up of the city of Dallas and its surrounding neighborhoods, there are plenty of residents and businesses moving within the county every week. With over two million residents, Dallas County is the second most populous county in the state of Texas. Our full-service Dallas movers are proud to serve those residents. In fact, we have been serving Dallas County for nearly two decades. If you are moving to Dallas, Firehouse Movers Inc. is here to meet all your packing and moving needs.

Owned by local a fireman for nearly 20 years, Firehouse Movers has helped move thousands of families and businesses into and within Dallas County. Our Dallas movers are experienced with executing all types of moves, from small apartment moves to large business commercial moves. Our full-service Dallas moving company also offers packing services and high quality moving supplies at affordable prices. Whether you choose our labor-only moving services or take advantage of our full range of services, our Dallas movers will ensure your moving day stays stress-free!

Dallas Movers – Moving into a Dallas House or Apartment

Like the rest of Texas, Dallas County has comparatively low housing prices especially in the neighborhoods surrounding the metropolitan area. However, as you get more inside of the city, the dwelling of choice for most Dallas residents is an apartment unit. We are move than a Dallas moving company, we are a family and we can help move yours. We handle all the moving for you so you don't have to, whether you are moving from house to house, apartment to apartment, or apartment to house.

We are particularly experienced at executing apartment moves, which comes with a set of unique challenges. The smaller space available in apartment units makes it harder for movers to handle your larger pieces of furniture. Another challenge of apartment moves is that many units are located on upper stories. Fortunately, our Dallas movers are experienced at moving out of and into multi-story buildings. We only use the best moving and packing supplies to secure your valuables and ensure they get loaded into the moving truck safe and free of damage.

Owned by a Local Fireman – Full-Service Dallas Movers You Can Trust!

We are a local firefighter owned business. We take pride in serving the people and businesses of Dallas County and making your move as easy possible. Our full-service Dallas movers are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service and a peaceful moving experience. We utilize our two decades worth of knowledge and experience to execute every move we are responsible for. Trust us to safeguard your valuables throughout your move. Trust us to provide you with top-quality moving services at competitive rates.

As firefighters, you counted on us to protect people. Count on us to take care of your valuables and family while you relocate to your new home. Contact us today for a free moving quote!

Call 972-412-6033 for our competitive moving rates!

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