Move Your Items with Our Dallas White Glove Movers

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Firehouse Movers understands that some moves may require handling delicate items like jewelry or art that have a higher chance of damage during transit. Dallas white-glove movers like ours at our specialty moving company are prepared to help you with this undertaking. When moving these types of items, it is important to partner with a moving company that you can trust. Our years of experience have given us the expertise and acumen required to move the most delicate items. If you are worried about the items that you hold to your heart, our Dallas movers are here to quell your fears. Continue reading below to learn more. 

Dallas Antique Movers

Some of the most common items that require Dallas white-glove movers are antiques. Antiques typically require special packing methods and materials because they are extremely delicate. Our Dallas local movers and Waxahachie movers use some of the highest quality materials when packing these items because they understand that a white-glove moving is only as good as the materials that they use to complete it. What differentiates white-glove moves from other moves is the fact that these moves offer much more services than simply taking materials from point A to point B. White-glove movers make an extra effort to protect items while on a moving truck. However, our Dallas specialty movers do not stop there. They make an effort to complete the process by unloading your items carefully and installing them in your home. 

We Know How to Move Framed Art! 

Framed art is one of the most important aspects of white-glove moving services that our Dallas movers partake in. Framed art is especially delicate because the glass and framing, if not packed properly, are prone to damage during a trip on a moving truck. As with moving antiques, the materials that are used to pack these items for transit are a top priority for our Dallas specialty movers. We use proven materials that cushion the frame and glass against the cardboard of the moving box so that it does not break over longer distances and periods of time. No matter the size of your framed art or how delicate, Firehouse Movers are here to help. 

Moving Delicate Items with Firehouse Movers Dallas

Firehouse Movers is a moving company in Dallas that is dedicated to helping people settle into their new homes in Texas. We have years of experience with moving customers around Texas, no matter where they want to move. Our full collection of moving services offered by Dallas area movers includes: 

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