Firehouse Movers Franchise Ownership Timeline

A comprehensive training timeline and efficient startup process to become a franchise owner.

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Level 1 | Street Entry Personnel

  • The first step in the timeline is your Interest and Inquiry. Ask yourself: Am I an Ideal Franchisee?
  • Contact Firehouse Movers. You can do this by either calling 1-844-235-1215 toll-free or emailing our team at [email protected]. Tell us how you discovered Firehouse Movers and your personal motivation for starting a franchise, and why you or your team would be a great fit.
  • Discuss the financial commitment and qualifications, and learn about our brand. At this point, we can send you our prequalification packet.
  • Review, complete, and send back our prequalification packet to be considered.
  • Firehouse Movers will then review your information and contact you with any follow-up questions.

Level 2 | Application

  • Once you have met our prequalification requirements, you will receive a formal application to join the Firehouse Movers Franchise.
  • Our Experts will review your application then consider your territory and long-term goals.
  • You will then receive an invitation to visit Firehouse Movers Corporate Location in Lewisville, Texas to meet with the Chiefs & Captains (Owners & Managers) for a question and answer session.

Level 3 | The Rookie

  • Now the fun starts! You will receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)*.
  • You are now recognized as a possible franchisee. Welcome Rookie! Upon reviewing the FDD, you will discover what Firehouse Movers is required to do, and what can be expected of the Franchisor. It will also give the Franchisee a layout of their expectations.
    *The FDD is otherwise considered a guide to show how the franchisor and franchisee will work together.
  • A phone call will be scheduled to answer any and all questions you may have formulated upon reviewing the FDD. At this point it is also encouraged to contact any current, and/or previous Franchisees of Firehouse Movers to hear their stories and feedback.
  • We will review the business plan, your ideas, and territory map.
  • Signing and rewarding the Franchise through a formal Press Release.

Level 4 | Firefighter Training

  • Schedule your training dates and report for formal training.

Level 5 | Promotion to Captain

  • Return to your home territory with all your newly gained knowledge and begin applying them.
  • Assemble and train your team, start marketing, set up equipment and software.
  • Schedule your On-Site Training.

Level 6 | Chief

  • Once your On-Site Training is complete, you will have successfully made it through all the levels, and you are now the Chief of your Franchise. At this point, you have not only become a franchise owner, but you have also joined the Firehouse Movers family, who will be here for support whenever needed.

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Talk with a franchise development team member today on how to become a franchise owner. We want our potential partnership to meet expectations on both sides. We will walk you through detailed franchising information and the anticipated franchise ownership timeline. If you choose to start your own moving company franchise, our team will ensure it’s a success for everyone.

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