About Firehouse Movers

From firefighting to moving, we are all about serving others and giving back to our community.

About Us

Firehouse Movers is a Husband and Wife owned and operated professional moving company headquartered in Lewisville, Texas. From a handyman and firefighter, to now managing a nationwide moving company, Brian Purcell, alongside his wife Nikki, founded Firehouse Movers with a heart for serving others. With over 20 years in the business, they have seen the moving industry grow exponentially, and have curated a proven process that customers and franchisees can feel confident in.

Core Values

Integrity | Pride | Humility | Excellence

Our Vision

The vision of Firehouse Movers is to build a leading company in the industry that offers exceptional service to our customers and simplifies their moving experience. Our goal is to expand the Firehouse Movers brand nationwide, yet still maintain our family-like culture. We desire to provide unlimited opportunities for growth and development, aspiring to foster the potential in all of our team members.

Our Mission

Our mission is to emulate our core values of integrity, pride, humility, and excellence in everything we do. Through our noble dedication, we aim to ensure a stress-free moving experience for our customers, and therefore protect all of their belongings as if they were our own. We are honored to serve our neighbors and hope that our deeply rooted values help brighten the lives we are privileged to work with.

History Timeline


Starting as a handyman, Brian Purcell began placing advertisements in local newspapers offering moving services. He requested that his brother, Chad Purcell, and other firefighters join his moving crew. Together they rented larger trucks to help with more substantial moves.

1999 - 2000

Brian purchased his first 32ft trailer with dually pickup. When his business became busy enough, he saw the opportunity for Chad to buy a second trailer. From there, two teams were established, with Chad leading a moving crew of Garland Firefighters, and Lewisville Fireman assisting Brian with moves.


Calls were now forwarded to Nikki Purcell, and she began booking and scheduling all moves.


The tragic events of 9/11 shook America’s core and the public was moved to support firefighter-owned companies. This heart-breaking historic event was a turning point in the growth of Firehouse Movers.


Nikki hired her first in-home secretary. Chad chose to step away from the moving industry, instead focusing on raising his twin daughters and continuing his career in the fire service. Brian and Nikki purchased his trailer and added it to their growing fleet of moving vehicles.


The Purcells sold a box truck they had issues with and from then on, primarily focused on the quality of their trailers. They purchased a ranch 50 miles south of Dallas, and by this point Nikki had two women helping her in the home office.


Brian started to attend networking events, collaborated with local realtors, and began to make more marketing efforts.


Firehouse Movers had 6 trailers in their inventory, and 90% of all maintenance and repairs were being done by Brian. Aside from the moving company, Brian was also juggling all marketing efforts, firefighting, the ranch business, and coaching their two boys in both soccer and basketball.


After several hectic years, the Purcells reconnected with their church and strived to put God first. They poured time and love into their church community.


Firehouse Movers gave financially to help support the construction of the Cowboy Church of Ellis County. This was the first time the company was able to donate to a greater need.


The Purcell family moved to Carrollton so the boys could have greater opportunities in both soccer and basketball, as well as focus on growing Firehouse Movers further.


The Purcell family started attending Elevate Life Church and felt compelled to put God first with their finances, and they have stayed faithful ever since. To this day, the business remains debt-free allowing the Purcells to give back to their community.


The fleet of moving trailers had grown to 8, and Nikki secured two full-time secretaries at their in-home office.


Brian retired from the Lewisville Fire Department.

2015 - 2016

In June 2015, they worked with the Keith Craft MasterMind Group to help expand the business. Together they conducted a presentation to grow Firehouse Movers, but unfortunately came to the understanding that they were not ready to expand. Brian's dreams felt crushed, but he continued to trust in God's perfect timing.


Brian and Nikki attended Moving Sales Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona, led and instructed by Louis Massaro. That same year they hired Massaro to help them reach their goal of expanding the company. Kyle James, who had been with the company off and on since 1999 when he was only 16 years old, was also onboarded to help with marketing and estimates with the help of two other field managers.


Nikki hired her first Office Manager; the company now had 3 full-time moving consultants, and one office manager running operations out of the Purcell home. Firehouse Movers also joined Louis Massaro’s flagship group to collaborate with others in the industry. That same Spring, they secured their first official warehouse with over 15,000 square feet and began offering storage solutions. Due to their rapid growth that year, they rehired Jason Tidsworth who had previously served as a ranch manager to the Purcells. Jason was a perfect fit to manage the operation of the Warehouse as well as the maintenance and repair of Firehouse Movers’ entire fleet.


Firehouse Movers added 12 new PODS into their inventory. That same year, Kyle was promoted to Vice President of Operations, while Trevor Ashman joined the company as the Operations Supervisor and Operations Manager. In the Fall, Massaro encouraged the start the franchise process. Two weeks later, Dave Waldman “the Franchise Maker” was hired as Firehouse Mover’s personal coach and franchise developer.

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