DeSoto, TX Movers for You and Your Family

FireHouse Movers Inc. has over 20 years of experience as a trusted and reliable DeSoto moving company. There are many convincing reasons to move to the city of DeSoto. You can relax in a pleasant natural setting without traveling far from the conveniences of urban life. While this city is home to 10 schools and over 1,200 businesses, it also features 37 parks. Residents typically only travel 12 miles to work or shop in Ft. Worth. Firehouse Movers makes it easy to relocate to DeSoto, Texas. We also make it easy to move to other areas of Texas as we are a Dallas moving company as well as McKinney area movers. 

Helping You Move Efficiently

Moving to DeSoto is a great choice for families. DeSoto includes townhouses, apartments, mobile homes, and single-family dwellings. DeSoto also features multiple gated communities. We hope you trust our local DeSoto movers to get you to your new home safely and efficiently. We will prevent damage to your current and future homes by diligently using well-maintained equipment, top-notch materials, and the utmost care.

Meeting Your Needs

Our DeSoto moving company serves residential and commercial customers, moving both families and businesses. This city is home to a tremendous variety of businesses, and we are equipped to serve almost any company. Among other things, we can move your merchandise, store shelves, office furniture, or cooking equipment. It doesn't matter if you own a house, rent a fifth-story office, or lease a storefront. We're ready to meet your needs.

If necessary, our staff can handle every step of the process. In addition to transporting furniture, tools, and appliances, we offer affordable box packing and unpacking services. Firehouse Movers Inc. can obtain all of the containers and padding materials needed for a safe and efficient move. We will also temporarily store your belongings if you are between homes. To get started, please contact us by completing this form:

Storage Facility in DeSoto

Looking for a storage solution in DeSoto? Look no further! You can count on Firehouse Movers to protect your belongings in our storage facilities throughout Texas. At our DeSoto storage facility, we have countless portable storage units for short-term use and standard units for long-term use. If you have items that you aren’t ready to relocate to your new home or office, give us a call and ask us about our storage options. We give you access to your storage vaults by appointment or during warehouse hours from 7:30 am - 2:30 pm. 

For short-term storage, depending on how short a time your items will be at our facility, we may keep them inside one of our moving trailers for easy redelivery. This also allows full access to the short-term storage units during business hours. 

For long-term storage, store your items at our warehouse facility for a few months or a year. Our warehouse staff will take a detailed inventory of your items and transfer them from a trailer to one of our secure wooden storage containers. 

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If you are in need of moving assistance and want a price beforehand, simply fill out a form for a moving quote. You can also contact us at 972-412-6033 or by email at [email protected].

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