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The town of Aubrey is located in East Texas, 12 miles north of Denton and through the years it has gotten the nickname of Horse Country, which fits perfectly. Aubrey started out as a horse town in 1867 when it was incorporated. The Edwards family had ten children and when Mr. Edwards died, he left the surrounding land to his children, who were horse farmers. By 2009, Aubrey was completely surrounded by horse farmers. The population in the 2010 Census was 2,600, so if you are a resident here:

  1. You love horses and have a stable of your own
  2. You know everybody, and they know you.

The City Itself

There is one school district and one high school and 569 households at last count. The cultural hub consists of Starr’s Service Station downtown where all communication is centered. Fire and emergency personnel, ensure that Texas runs top-of-the-line fire stations in emergencies. The firemen are extensively trained and work as a team. Firehouse Movers’ staff consists of off-duty firemen.

We Work Efficiently

Whether you are moving in or out of Aubrey, Firehouse Movers is the most efficient company for your money. They are trained to be tremendously punctual and efficient. They are also naturally reliable and fast workers. Since they are trained at the Fire Station, they work with the highest ethics at all times.

Firemen are physically strong, and they pay attention to detail. On every job, a senior supervisor coordinates the crew, and they are open to answering questions from the customers as they direct the workers. This makes the moving experience run like a well-oiled machine, and your move goes smoothly. Firehouse Movers enjoys helping people move to better opportunities.

What Is Aubrey, Texas, Known For?

Our Texas movers know Aubrey like the back of their hands. Aubrey, TX, situated in Denton County, is a charming town renowned for its rich history and small-town appeal. Originally established in 1867, Aubrey boasts a heritage deeply rooted in agriculture, with its vast landscapes once dominated by sprawling ranches and fertile farmlands. Today, while it maintains its rustic charm, Aubrey has evolved into a suburban haven, offering a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The town is celebrated for its equestrian culture, with horse enthusiasts flocking to its numerous stables and riding trails. Additionally, Aubrey takes pride in its community events, such as the annual Peanut Festival, a tradition that reflects its agricultural legacy. As you embark on your journey to or from Aubrey, TX, with Firehouse Movers, take a moment to appreciate the town's distinctive history and the warmth of its welcoming community. Our Texas residential movers are here to assist you in relocating to your new home. 

Is Aubrey, TX, a Good Area?

At Firehouse Movers, your Texas relocation experts, and Aubrey movers, recognize the importance of considering the livability of an area when planning a move. Aubrey, TX, nestled in Denton County, stands out as a commendable residential locale. Known for its friendly atmosphere and strong sense of community, Aubrey offers a blend of rural tranquility and suburban convenience. The town's proximity to major cities like Denton and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex ensures residents have access to urban amenities while enjoying a more relaxed pace of life. Aubrey's education system is noteworthy, with reputable schools contributing to the town's appeal for families. The area's commitment to maintaining green spaces and recreational facilities provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities. The real estate landscape caters to various preferences, offering a mix of housing options from spacious ranch-style homes to modern developments. With a low crime rate and a genuine sense of community pride, Aubrey, TX, emerges as a favorable choice for those seeking a peaceful yet well-connected living environment in the heart of Texas. If you are in the market for Texas relocation assistance, our professionals are the best option for your family. 

What Are Some Things To Do in Aubrey, TX?

As the premier moving experts at Firehouse Movers in Texas, we believe it's crucial to acquaint our clients with the vibrant communities they are moving to. Aubrey, TX, offers an array of activities that cater to diverse interests. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the picturesque Ray Roberts Lake State Park, just a short drive away, for boating, fishing, and hiking amidst scenic landscapes. For those intrigued by history, the Denton County Historical Park provides a fascinating glimpse into the region's past. Families can enjoy quality time at the local Aubrey Area Library, fostering a love for literature and community engagement. The town also takes pride in its equestrian culture, with horseback riding opportunities at nearby stables. Residents and visitors alike can savor the charm of downtown Aubrey, dotted with quaint shops and cozy cafes, creating an inviting atmosphere to unwind. Moreover, the annual Peanut Festival showcases the town's agricultural roots and offers a delightful experience for all. Aubrey, TX, stands as more than just a destination; it's a community rich in recreational and cultural opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

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