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Whether you have a residential move or a commercial, Firehouse Movers utilize their unique skills to make your move smooth.

The town of Aubrey is located in East Texas, 12 miles north of Denton and through the years it has gotten the nickname of Horse Country, which fits perfectly. Aubrey started out as a horse town in 1867 when it was incorporated. The Edwards family had ten children and when Mr. Edwards died, he left the surrounding land to his children, who were horse farmers. By 2009, Aubrey was completely surrounded by horse farmers. The population in the 2010 Census was 2,600, so if you are a resident here:

  1. You love horses and have a stable of your own
  2. You know everybody, and they know you.

The City Itself

There is one school district and one high school and 569 households at last count. The cultural hub consists of Starr’s Service Station downtown where all communication is centered. Fire and emergency personnel, ensure that Texas runs top-of-the-line fire stations in emergencies. The firemen are extensively trained and work as a team. Firehouse Movers’ staff consists of off-duty firemen.

We Work Efficiently

Whether you are moving in or out of Aubrey, Firehouse Movers is the most efficient company for your money. They are trained to be tremendously punctual and efficient. They are also naturally reliable and fast workers. Since they are trained at the Fire Station, they work with the highest ethics at all times.

Firemen are physically strong, and they pay attention to detail. On every job, a senior supervisor coordinates the crew, and they are open to answering questions from the customers as they direct the workers. This makes the moving experience run like a well-oiled machine, and your move goes smoothly. Firehouse Movers enjoys helping people move to better opportunities.

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