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Is Climate Change Making Hail Worse

Will Climate Change Lead to More Severe Hailstorms in Texas

According to the National Weather Service, North Texas typically experiences two to three hail days per year.1 However, hail causes some of the most expensive damage. For the last 25 years, Texas has suffered 36 disasters that lead to over $100 million in damages. Five were tornadoes, while 29 disasters were hailstorms.2 That cost could…

decorating a home

How to Decorate Your First Home

Decorating is what turns any house, apartment, or townhouse into a true home. So if it’s your first time moving out on your own, or if you’ve just closed on your first home, you might feel the pressure when it comes to decorating your first home. There are many approaches to decorating a new home,…

woman stressed

How to Deal with Stress When Moving

It is no lie that moving is stressful. This aspect alone can make you not only physically sick but mentally distressed as well; it can really take a toll. This is why it is so important for a person to know how to deal with stress when moving. Our full-service movers in Dallas are sharing…

Thanksgiving decorations

Your Thanksgiving in Dallas 2019 Guide

Thanksgiving is the time to be grateful for everything you have, but it is also the time for large gatherings, family reunions and helping others in need. Here in Dallas, there are a lot of events around Thanksgiving from food-centric activities to volunteer opportunities that allow you to give back to the community. If you…