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photo of a family posing in front of their new apartment

The Complete Apartment Moving Checklist

Moving apartments evokes a mix of emotions—excitement and maybe even a bit of apprehension. In this journey, countless individuals face unexpected challenges, overlooking crucial details in the moving process. Picture boxes hastily packed, essentials lost in the shuffle. Enter the essential tool: the apartment moving checklist. Its absence often results in a whirlwind of stress…

photo of a family moving to Texas

Best Cities To Live in Texas for Families

At our Firehouse Movers, we pride ourselves on curating exceptional moving experiences for individuals transitioning to new places they can call home. With years of collective expertise in the realm of relocations in Texas, our team has honed its skills to ensure a seamless move, whether you’re settling locally or embarking on a long-distance journey…

photo of a sign that says moving to Texas

Why Are People Moving to Texas?

In recent years, the team at Firehouse Movers has witnessed a notable influx of newcomers in Texas, making it one of the most intriguing migration phenomena. The surge in people moving to Texas has occurred over the past decade, creating a compelling narrative of demographic shifts. The scale and pace of this migration make it…

photo of a gun safe

How to Move a Gun Safe

When the time comes for someone in Texas to move, they will need to learn how to move all of the appliances that they have stored in their home. Whether this includes their furniture like sofas and cabinets or even home appliances that work toward protection like gun safes, people who are moving may be…

Angi's super service award

Firehouse Awards Is Proud to Have Received an Angi’s List Super Service Award!

In the sprawling landscape of Texas, where moving from one place to another is common, Firehouse Movers has emerged as a beacon of reliability and community dedication. Our Texas-based moving company’s commitment to excellence not only speaks volumes about its professional prowess but also showcases a deep-rooted connection with the community it serves, as exemplified…