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How to Move a Fish Tank

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Moving a fish tank when relocating is often driven by the need to protect a valuable investment and the well-being of the aquatic life within. The tank, equipment, and fish can represent a significant financial commitment. Moreover, there’s an emotional attachment to pet fish, making their welfare a priority. Transferring the tank ensures that familiar surroundings and conditions are maintained, reducing stress on the fish. It also avoids the hassle of finding new homes for the fish, which can be challenging. Overall, moving the fish tank allows for continuity in both financial and emotional aspects while ensuring the safety and comfort of the aquatic inhabitants. If you want to learn how to move a fish tank, continue reading the article below penned by our Texas movers – the best long-distance moving company in Texas. 

How Do You Move a Fish Tank Easily? 

Our movers in Arlington, TX would like to point out that moving a fish tank could seem intimidating, but it is in fact a relatively easy thing to do. The best way that our movers in Rowlett could describe moving a fish tank is by following these steps:


  • Prepare: Gather supplies like buckets, nets, and bags.
  • Remove Fish: Catch fish carefully using a net and place them in fish bags filled with tank water.
  • Drain Tank: Siphon water into buckets, leaving some for the fish.
  • Disassemble: Take out decorations, equipment, and empty the tank.
  • Transport: Move the tank and items carefully.
  • Reassemble: Re-set up the tank, add water, and acclimate the fish.

How Do You Move a Fish Tank Without Emptying It? 

Wondering how to move a fish tank with fish in it? Moving a fish tank without emptying it is generally not recommended due to the risk of water spillage, equipment damage, and stress on the fish. However, in certain cases, if the tank is small and securely covered, with minimal water disturbance during transport, someone might attempt it to reduce the effort of re-establishing water conditions. If you want to learn to move a fish tank without emptying it, follow these steps: 

  • Secure the Fish – Catch and transfer fish to bags with tank water, and temporarily house them.
  • Secure Decor and Equipment – Remove decorations, plants, and equipment, securing them to minimize movement.
  • Secure Tank – Cover the tank securely to prevent water spillage.
  • Move Carefully – Move the tank gently and slowly to minimize sloshing.
  • Reassemble Quickly – Re-set up the tank at the new location, re-acclimate the fish, and monitor water parameters closely.

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