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photo of a dresser

How to Move a Dresser

One of the most common items within a household is a dresser. While these pieces of furniture provide plenty of utility for people that are living in homes, they are quite bulky and heavy, which makes them extremely difficult to move. Further, these dressers may also have plenty of different materials inside of them, which…

Photo of a fishing rod

How to Pack a Fishing Rod the Right Way

Often people that are moving to different homes have many different tools that are necessary for their hobbies. One of the most popular hobbies in Texas is fishing. Our Dallas movers have plenty of experience helping people move from home to home, and they deal with delicate and expensive fishing equipment during some of these…

Kids going to school

What Are the Best Schools in Plano? 

One of the top priorities of a budding family that is moving to a new location is how their children will be educated. Plano, TX, is a popular residential area, partly because of the excellent schools that are present in the area. If you are going to be moving to this city soon, you will…

Living Room with Furniture

Tips for Building Furniture

Furniture Building Tips From Firehouse Movers Most people that are moving to a new home will be moving to a home or apartment that is unfurnished. If this is the case,  you will need to furnish your new home. While seeing your home come to life is an exciting and rewarding process, building furniture can…

photo of a storage facility

Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage? 

As individuals and families confront a move, they will inevitably be met with the need to store some of their belongings in a storage unit. Sometimes this is temporary, while other times could be permanent. Many businesses like Firehouse Movers Dallas offer climate-controlled storage units because of the plethora of different advantages that this offers…