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Moving Fragile Items

Bubble wrap for moving items safely

Professionals Moving Fragile Items

When moving, it is entirely natural to worry about the things that you own. Most people are worried that their fragile items will be damaged or broken. Thankfully, there are some steps that moving companies take when moving fragile items.

In fact, these steps are so thorough, that it may be better to let them pack the items than trying to pack them yourself, ensuring that they are protected the best that they can be.

The first thing that they will do is assess the size of the item and figure out what options they have for packing it and protecting it. There are some different options available depending on the item, so not two moves are going to be the same. However, items like plates, glassware, mirrors, paintings, and statues all have standards in place.

The first step for kitchenware is to set up a crush-proof box that is a bit thicker than the other boxes being moved. This box will withstand a significant number of softer blows but is not the only thing that will protect the kitchenware.

The Packing Membrane

Next, a packing membrane, usually in the shape of the items being moved will be placed into the box. This will then hold the items after they are wrapped in bubble wrap or something similar. This may be augmented by adding in other packing materials, or it may be left by itself if everything is fitting snugly enough.

For mirrors and paintings, the entire piece will be wrapped in either bubble wrap or specialty blankets. The corners will be protected and covered in a foam or something a bit harder. This will then be covered with another layer of foam, bubble wrap, blankets, or cardboard. The result will be two to four times thicker than the original mirror but will be able to be transported with ease.

Furniture will have boards and foam added as needed to stabilize it and will then be wrapped in blankets or foam before being strapped or taped to ensure that nothing comes free. This will make sure that a bump or small fall won’t cause any damage.

Large Items

Large items like statues or specialty pieces will be wrapped up in multiple layers, obscuring any small pieces that could break off.

Boxes with glassware will be stacked in their section and covered with a layer of moving blankets and then strapped in place. These will not have anything heavy placed over the top of them and will be one of the first things put into place. Everything else will be packed around them, taking special care to ensure that nothing capable of damaging them is put in the same area.

Mirrors, furniture, paintings, and large items will be strapped to the wall, covered by moving blankets, and often will have a wall of things built around them, ensuring that they cannot shift. They may have items stacked on or around them, but these items will be there to stabilize them. A mirror or painting will never be put down on the ground, and they will always be secured in a way that will not cause them damage if the driver has to take a bumpy road or something similar.

Final Thoughts

Finally, when the truck has been fully packed, all of the fragile items will be checked to ensure that they are safe. Only then will the truck be closed up.

It may seem that too much material is being used to keep these items safe, but they will arrive at the destination intact. This type of protection also makes it easy to maneuver them into a new home. Overall, moving companies are magnificent at taking care of these items and will always strive to ensure that each piece arrives in perfect condition.

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