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What Is Frisco Famous For?

What is Frisco Famous For

Frisco is a thrilling Texas city to visit or live in. Over the last twenty years, our full-service moving company in Frisco has witnessed the city evolve and thrive. More than just a city in the massive state of Texas, there are several things Frisco is famous for in several different areas.

Unique Museums

The cultural touchstones of Frisco lie not only in the art but in its history as well, not to mention its enthusiasm for science. The cultural institutions of the city have become landmarks that visitors and locals have come to frequent.

Whether you’re a local or just passing by, head to any of the museums that Frisco is known for.

Frisco Art Gallery

The Frisco Art Gallery features a diverse collection of exhibitions by local, national, and international artists. Visit Frisco’s celebrated local gallery that features embroidery, paintings, prints, photography, sculptures, and more.1

Texas Sculpture Garden

The Texas Sculpture Garden has the largest private collection of contemporary sculptures available to the public that locals can visit all year.2 Our Frisco residential movers definitely recommend checking it out.

Frisco Heritage Museum

Frisco is a city famous for its unique museums. Are you interested in learning more about the history of Frisco? Firehouse Frisco movers suggest taking a tour at the Frisco Heritage Museum. The Frisco Heritage Center offers three different walking tours including the Village Walking Tour, Heritage Village Historic Buildings Tour, and the Heritage Village Garden Tour.

Museum of American Railroad & TrainTopia

The Museum of the American Railroad is a non-profit museum dedicated to celebrating American railroads and their history. Frisco residents enjoy the fan-favorite TrainTopia exhibit where visitors can immerse themselves in a world of miniature trains across America in the 1950s. The fan-favorite highlight is the miniature Palo Duro Drive-In Theater, which features an operating movie screen!

National Videogame Museum

The National Videogame Museum is one of the most unique museum experiences in Frisco. The curators have been collecting and archiving video game pieces since the 1950s; gamers and history buffs alike would enjoy this museum and kids would likely have fun looking at all the cool, colorful games of the past.

Sci-Tech Discovery Center

If you are looking for an activity for the family, visit the Sci-Tech Discovery Center. The science museum offers various activities including an air pressure zone, building challenges, Maker Studio, robots & tech, and more! Your kids won’t forget the experience.

Shopping & Entertainment in Frisco

A great shopping district is one of the cornerstones of city life; Frisco is known for its wonderful shopping center that features numerous shops, food, and entertainment. Another one of the many things Frisco is known for is the variety of entertainment options for locals.

Frisco Square

Frisco Square is the heart of the city. The square features many local businesses, restaurants, shops, and entertainment. Our local Frisco movers like to peruse the books in the Frisco Library or walk around Frisco Square.

Frisco Square hosts various events throughout the year including Arts in the Square, Music in the Square, and Project Warm Us that people near and far travel to experience.

Stonebriar Centre

Need to do some shopping in Frisco? Spend a day at Stonebriar Centre for a day of shopping and entertainment. The shopping center has a movie theater, bookstore, Dave & Busters, iFly Indoor Skydiving, among many other attractions.

Frisco Sports

Dallas Cowboys at The Star in Frisco

While the Dallas Cowboys are known as the best football team in Texas, Frisco is known for the Cowboys training facility. The Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters and practice facility are located in Frisco. In fact, the practice facility for the Dallas Cowboys is none other than the state-of-the-art stadium, The Star.

The facility not only features a football stadium, but many event spaces as well, from conference rooms and auditoriums to an outdoor venue. Numerous events such as concerts, meetings, and company picnics, among countless others, are held at The Star every year.

Frisco RoughRiders

The Frisco RoughRiders is the official baseball team of Frisco, Texas. Locals enjoy catching a game at Dr. Pepper Ballpark on a sunny day. The baseball team’s commitment to excellence mirrors that of our Frisco moving company.

National Soccer Hall of Fame

The National Soccer Hall of Fame has been celebrating soccer history and athletes since 1979. Frisco residents can take a tour at one of the many soccer exhibits or take a virtual tour online.

Call our Firehouse Frisco Movers

We think of Frisco as our home rather than just a city. If you are planning to relocate to Frisco, contact or call at (972) 412-6033 for a free moving estimate from our full-service moving company.


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