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Packing – who needs it?! Well unfortunately, we all do. Instead of paying high prices for professional packing companies, we think you can do all the packing before the Dallas movers arrive. With that in mind, we asked our local movers and some of the experts we keep around the office for some tips to create the best moving checklist for anyone interested in moving to Dallas.

Tips Before Moving

Before we discuss the moving checklist, we want to offer a few tips. These tips will make your move considerably smoother from start to finish. The real trick is to stick with ‘em!

Start Early

Oh boy, there’s nothing worse than packing in a panic. It’s just so unnecessarily stressful. For long-distance moving, you should begin getting things together and making a plan at least 8 weeks before the move. For local moving, you can get away with 4 weeks. Just don’t wait until the last minute!

Stay on Schedule

This is a tough one because when you start early, its easy to assume that you have all the time in the world. Not true! You want to stick to your schedule and pack in small bursts. Try to set up a packing schedule for every Saturday until the move and be sure to decline invitations to social outings. If they want to see you, they better come help you pack!

Take Your Time

Take your time moving? I thought the point was to get it done as soon as possible. Yes, it is, but packing tends to be a little messy. You can leave the difficult stuff up to your local Dallas moving company, but all the small details of packing still have to be taken care of properly. So many people lose valuable items when they pack because they were careless or in a rush – don’t be like them. Take your time and stick to the plan!

Create a Moving Folder

This will be your most sacred document during the move. It will be your go-to folder for any questions related to the move because it contains everything you need to make this a successful move. Each folder should include:

  • Moving Checklist
  • Moving Estimates
  • Receipts for Services
  • Mortgage Papers / rental agreement

Keep this handy at all times!

Your Ultimate Moving Checklist for Dallas

  1. Inventory Check

Estimate of the number of boxes that will be needed for each room, then add an extra. Time is precious as you get closer to the big day, so be prepared with extra supplies if you can budget it. Most importantly, figure out how much time you are going to need to pack each room. Not all rooms are created equal!

When you have a basic inventory, get your packing supplies!

  1. Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

It has been collecting dust for how long? There’s no need to pay extra money to lug around something that will continue collecting dust in a new place.

Throw away, donate, or sell items you no longer use. Chances are you don’t need it and someone else can use it.

If you’ve had the same furniture and it’s falling apart, it might be time to consider ordering new pieces for a fresh start and having them shipped directly to the new address.

  1. Call the Movers

Do some research and find a well-priced, reliable moving company that you can trust. You should reserve them as far in advance as possible because moving companies are usually reserved weeks in advance.

  1. Call the Utility Companies

Electric, water, cable, and internet companies need just as much of a heads up as moving companies when it comes to a move. Don’t make the mistake of moving into your lovely new home without power for the first week.

  • Water & Garbage Collection – This is handled by the city and each will collect payment. Be sure to contact your local city office to schedule a date to activate service.
  • Internet – Dallas is covered by all major internet and cable providers so switching your service to another address shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Electric – Power services have been deregulated in Dallas since 2002 so you’ll find a number of providers near you. Visit the Public Utility Commission and enter your zip code to explore your options.
  • Gas – Atmos Energy is the major provider of gas in Dallas.

Be sure to call these companies as soon as you know the date of your move and keep all your timelines and info in your moving folder.

  1. Consider Moving Insurance

Too often, people take the chance of moving without having the safety net of insurance. Accidents happen, it’s better to be protected than regret it after a mishap.

  1. Start Packing! You should first pack:
  • The items you used the least.
  • Decorations from around the house
  • Paintings – specifically wrapped for moving
  • Barely worn or off-season clothing
  • Seldom-used toys

Always begin with the items you can do without for an extended period. You wouldn’t want to pack your toothbrush until the morning of your move. Make your way through closets first, and then into the living room, then bedrooms and finally the kitchen.

  1. Change your address.

Contact your postal services and have your mailing address changed so mail can be forward to the correct address when the time comes. All your accounts, including credit cards and bank accounts, must have the address changed to receive your bills. Change the address for newspaper and magazine subscriptions so you can continue receiving them. Your employer should also be informed about your change of address. Most importantly, don’t forget to tell your family and friends! Otherwise, how will they know where to visit you or send you a house-warming gift?

  1. Prepare a “first night” bag.

Clothing, your kid’s favorite toys, and any essentials like your toothbrush you know you will need for that first night at the new place. Think of this as the same bag you might pack if you were taking a weekend vacation. All essentials in one spot.

  1. Give your old house one last clean sweep.

Check for any items left behind. If you are a renter, take photos to prevent any issues from arising after cleaning and moving out.

  1. You did it, time to throw a housewarming party.

Moving is a long stressful project. No one deserves more praise than you for following these steps, packing your prized possessions and orchestrating a complete change in your life. It’s time to celebrate! There’s nothing like a party with good food and even better company to relax after the big move.