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Landmarks and Entertainment in Plano, Texas

Plano, Texas is located only about thirty minutes from Dallas, Texas and is a great city full of landmarks, entertainment, great outdoor shopping areas, gourmet restaurants, a fun nightlife and so much more. If you are planning a trip to Plano, Texas, here are a few fun spots you should checkout:

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1. Heritage Farmstead Museum

This Victorian Farmhouse from the 1890's was once home to one of the original Plano settler families. Today it has been restored and preserved and is a heritage site that has become one of the top attractions in Plano. Visitors here enjoy a tour of the home as they are able to examine various exhibits; these include interactive events, demonstration and interpretive historical information about the families who had managed the property long ago.

Nowadays visitors are offered an opportunity to take part of various small farm like activities, such as barn tours and livestock while at the museum. You are also able to walk through and admire the home that is fully furnished, complete with past tenants authentic artifacts. Throughout the year, Heritage Farmstead Museum offers a variety of seasonal events; these include holiday events such as spring activities, pumpkin picking and trick or treating.

2. Historic Downtown Plano

Historic Downtown Plano is still made up of a lot of the earliest building of this lovely city; some of them date back as far as 1896. If you are wondering where to start while in Plano, this is a great option for exploring. The historic area now covers six city blocks, the space is urbanized and there are a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, offices and downtown housing housed in the buildings that have been restored and preserved.

Now the epicenter of cultural events in Plano, this lively district frequently hosts block parties, street events, art festivals and an array of other exciting activities. The event calendar for Downtown Plano can be found easily online and it outline the regular as well as seasonal events, both of which occur all year long.

3. The Interurban Railway Museum

Also referred to as Texas Electric Railway or even Plano Station, the Interurban Railway Museum is a historic train station. Built in 1908. This was the first train station of this city and was at the same location, right in the same building that is now home to this interesting museum. Until 1948, trains continued running through this historic stop.

Until 1990, the station was vacant, at the time the city turned the space into a museum with the intent of showcasing the value and impact that this station had on the success and growth of the city of Plano in the early 20th century. Nowadays visitors are able to tour this old museum within the hands-on activities and interpretative displays to learn where the train traveled and how the train system worked.

4. The ArtCentre

Plano's ArtCentre is a non-profit art exhibition center that can be found in the historic downtown area of Plano. It is located in an early 20th century grand Victorian mansion which was once the location of the Harrington Furniture Store. Throughout the year, The ArtCentre hosts a variety of exhibits and they are dedicated to supporting the development and the growth of emerging and independent artists within this community.

A variety of classes are also offered by the centre, these include visual and performing arts classes as well as music lessons. The centre hosts various meeting, cultural events and lectures throughout the year; you can find all of these listed on their calendar online.

5. Shops at Legacy

Shops at Legacy is designed as a town center and offers a unique experience, with great restaurants, coffee houses, bars, trendy boutiques, a movie house, entertainment venues and tree lined streets, it is one of a kind of shopping spot. At the Legacy Town Center, you can do so much more than shopping. As you take a walk down the town alleys, eventually you will reach Baccus Park; this historical Texas landmark has been around since 1847 and is home to the Baccus Cemetery.

These are just a few of the many fun, entertaining, and educational locations that you should see while in Plano, Texas.

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