7 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving with Children

moving with kids

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to another country or down the street, the moving process can be stressful and take a toll on children. We asked our Frisco local movers to discuss some of the most common mistakes to avoid when moving with children.

1 – Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Timing is often where parents make one of the biggest mistakes when moving with children. Kids have to be prepared physically and mentally for a move. The truth is that for most of our little ones, they’ve only known a few places their whole lives, they are being uprooted from their childhood home. For children younger than five, you should begin breaking the news to them a month before the move. That will give them more time to process the situation.

Some parents might think it’s best to wait, but the shock to them will make it difficult to move and it will send them spinning, so to speak. Be sure to tell them that the most important things will stay the same. You will all be together, and all their favorite things are coming with you.

2 – Don’t Get Angry When They Get Upset

It’s heart-breaking, and that kind of emotion can lead to frustration. Even with the best Frisco moving company, moving will be stressful, and you may find it’s easy to get frustrated with the little ones. You’re only human. But remember, they are feeling a little powerless and frightened. Take time to make sure they are okay, that they are coping. If you find that the move is becoming stressful, take the time to comfort them, and take some time to reset yourself, too.

3 – Don’t Go Off Schedule

You can walk the walk and talk the talk and lead by example. Not timing it or scheduling it right is one of the most common mistakes to avoid when moving with children. You should set a strict schedule to pack, move, and settle in. The routine will help the kiddos feel at ease and it will ensure that you don’t get caught up in the chaos of moving.

4 – Don’t Make It Terrible

Misery is an easy mistake to avoid when moving with children. You should make them feel happy about the move and you can do that by being positive. You should also give your kids something to do to help with the move. Make them feel like they are part of the process. It will give them a little gumption and motivation to make the move happy and successful.

5 – Don’t Pack Their Toys When They Are There

This is one of the mistakes to avoid when moving with children that you will thank us for mentioning. Wait for the kids to be asleep before you pack up items that are important to them, especially their toys. You will avoid lots of drama. Movers pro tip: ask them to put some of their favorite toys aside first. That will keep them busy in the meantime.

6 – Don’t Pack the Refrigerator Until the Last Night

A hungry kid is a fussy kid, and this is not the time nor place for fussy, frustrated kiddos. Keep some of the easy snack in the fridge to keep them satisfied between larger meals. Make sure it’s something easy to make so you don’t have to break out the silverware or pots and pans.

7 – Don’t Rush Settling In

Finally, you should take time to get used to your new home. Be sure you have at least 2 days at home immediately after the move to unpack and to be there for the children – to make them feel as ease and at home. Ask family and friends to visit within those 2 days to ensure that the kids see friendly faces as much as possible. It will help them settle and feel more comfortable in their new environment!

On behalf of everyone has FireHouse Movers Inc., we hope you have a safe, smooth and successful move! Where ever you land is home!