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Moving During the Holidays

Moving During the Holiday Season

The winter holiday season is quickly approaching, and before you know it, Frisco is going to be covered in white snow and strung up with multicolored Christmas lights [1]. Most people, when they think about the holidays, picture exciting family gatherings and local community events. Moving during the winter may not be what springs to minds first, but a holiday weekend may be the ideal time to move to Frisco.

However, before you start planning your winter move to Frisco, there are a few things to consider ensuring your move is safe and seamless. Read the following winter moving tips from your trusted Frisco local movers.


When is the Best Time to Schedule a Winter Move?

When deciding on your moving date, you should remember that not all days during the holiday season are good times to be on the road. An annual sharp increase in traffic on the roads happens during the year-end holidays, particularly the dates around and including Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Every year the number of Americans on the road during this time of year seems to grow. According to the American Automobile Association, an estimated over 97 million people traveled by car in 2017, which was a three percent year-over-year increase [2]. So, when you are scheduling your next winter move, avoid the dates right before and between December 23 to January 1.


Winter Moving Tips

  • Prepare Your New Home. Before your local Frisco movers arrive at your front door, make sure the place they will be delivering your belongings to is as close to move-in ready as possible. The last thing you want is for you and your Frisco movers to arrive at your new place and it’s freezing! Instead, make sure all utilities – especially heating and lights ­– are set up a couple of days beforehand. Also, moving in the snow means you must shovel and salt snow off from walkways before the move-in date.


  • Prep the Inside and Outside of Your Old Home. Moving in the snow requires extra preparation before your Frisco movers arrive. Shovel and salt snow off the walkways that your Frisco local movers will need access to. Keep shovels and extra salt in hand, in case you’ll have to uncover snow fall from those areas during your move. Avoid any potential damage and unwanted moisture getting into your home by covering high traffic areas with protective plastic sheeting or carboard panels.


  • Have Hot Drinks on Hand. You want your Frisco movers to stay as warm as possible. Hot drinks like tea, hot chocolate, and coffee will be greatly appreciated. Having spare mittens, scarves, and beanies to hand out to those who need them is also a good idea.