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What You Need to Know About Moving Insurance

Our Frisco movers at Firehouse Movers aim to pack and transport all your belongings carefully and securely to ensure all your things arrive at your new home safe and free of any damage. Still, accidents can happen and it’s better to be prepared and protected should some of your household items end up dented, scratched or, worse case scenario, broken. That’s where moving insurance can put your mind at ease!

However, there are few common misconceptions when it comes to moving insurance. Some moving companies in Frisco will not go out of their way to go over the difference liability coverage and insurance options available to their clients. Firehouse Movers isn’t one of them! Here, our Frisco movers break down what you need to know about moving insurance before you schedule your relocation.

Moving Companies Don’t Offer Moving Insurance

All moving companies in Frisco and across the country are legally required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to assume liability for any of your household goods they lose or damage during your relocation. However, it is important to note – this legal requirement is not actually moving insurance, it is liability coverage. Moving companies are only required to offer two levels of liability coverage – Released Value Protection and Full Value Protection.

  • Released Value Protection –

    This level of coverage provides you with 60 cents per pound reimbursement for any of your belongings that are lost or arrive at your new place damaged. Everything, including “high-value” items, receives the same amount of coverage.


  • Full Value Protection –

    This is the preferred option should you want a higher level of liability coverage, especially if you’re transporting many “high-value” items. Your Frisco movers will be responsible for replacing, repairing, or providing a cash settlement for any loses or damage that occur during your relocation. This option comes with an additional fee, but it provides more peace of mind. You must make sure to fill out a High-Value Inventory Sheet with any of your items worth more than $100 per pound – like jewelry, smaller electronics, antiques, designer accessories, so that your mover’s liability for those items will be higher than the $100 per pound industry standard.

DIY Packing Is Not Covered

When it comes to what moving companies in Frisco and elsewhere are responsible for reimbursing, there are a few major caveats to know about. First, your Frisco movers will not be liable for any of your belongings stored in boxes you packed yourself. To receive liability coverage, take advantage of the packing services offered by your Frisco movers.

Another caveat is that if you include hazardous, flammable perishable, or other prohibited items into the moving truck without informing your Frisco movers, they can release themselves from liability. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the non-allowable items list of your moving company and declare everything included in your shipment.

Finally – should you notice any losses and damages when unpacking, you must file all claims within 90 days of your belongings being delivered to your new home. If you want the unpacking process to be completed as soon as possible, take advantage of our full range of services, including unpacking.

Trust our qualified Frisco movers to execute your residential move or commercial move from start to finish while providing you with the most stress-free moving experience! Call our Frisco team at Firehouse Movers today to learn more about our services and get a free quote.