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Best Neighborhoods for Families in Dallas

If you are moving your family to Dallas, you should consider finding not only the safest neighborhoods, but the neighborhoods with the best schools for the kids as well. With that in mind, we have pooled together the 4 best neighborhoods for families in Dallas.


Moving to Plano, Texas is a great idea. There we said it! Plano is widely considered one of the most highly-rated areas in Dallas for education. The education system is excellent from pre-k to graduation, boasting some of the best elementary, middle, and high schools in Texas. Here, children are given the tools they need to succeed!

Plano also features some of the best recreational areas, something that the family can take advantage of every weekend. There are over 84 beautifully scenic parks throughout the area with flat plains and perfect trails for biking and hiking. You can even ask your local Plano movers for suggestions about some of the best spots to take the family!

You may think downtown is just a great place for adults, but Plano changes that idea. The Plano downtown makes it one of the best neighborhoods for families in Dallas. There’s a great culinary scene for the foodies, charming little family-owned and operated stores, and a safe, relaxing space for families to enjoy a night out together.

When you tie all of this together, you realize it’s a fantastic, family-friendly neighborhood in Dallas!


Frisco has some of the friendliest neighborhoods in the state – that famous southern charm is alive and well in Frisco! And that extends to safety. Frisco is #1 on the list of best neighborhoods for families in Dallas based on the overall safety rating. The city ranks #14 in the U.S. for safety. And we’re not done yet!

Money.com voted Frisco, Texas one of the best places to live in America.1 If that’s doesn’t get you to pack your bags and call your local Frisco movers, maybe this will: Frisco is also one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. This can mean great opportunities for your career, so you can consider a long and fruitful life for your family. All of this makes Frisco, Texas one of the top neighborhoods in Dallas for your family and for you own personal development!

Little Elm

Little Elm is the best neighborhood in Dallas for young families. The city ranks well for cost of living and livability, which is perfect for young families where the parents are still in the early stages of their careers. You will also find support from other young families. The median age in Little Elm, Texas is 30 years old.

Small family homes account for 87% of all residential homes in the area, also making Little Elm one of the best family friendly-neighborhoods in Dallas. The city is quiet and safe, a perfect place to raise your new family. You’ll see nothing but smiles from the local Little Elm movers as soon as you arrive, and you’ll know you are home!


Think of your idea of a model American town. The safe neighborhoods with lots of green spaces, the white picket fence, the local community. Everything you imagine about an ideal town is right here in Denton. The locals are some of the friendliest you’re likely to find and they take their sense of community seriously.

Local fairs and festivals are common, bringing together the entire community to enjoy the great weather and most important, each other. You might even catch your friendly Denton movers at these events from time to time.

You are also just a short drive from the Dallas Fort-Worth area, making Denton one of the best neighborhoods for families in Dallas with parents who have to commute for their big city jobs.



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