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Useful Apps for Moving to Dallas

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Now that moving day is just weeks away, life is going by in a blur as you check off tasks on your moving checklist. These tasks may include reserving our residential movers in Dallas to help you relocate to your new home, closing on the new house, looking for a new job in Dallas – the list goes on. However, have you considered using apps to help you with the heavy-lifting? To make it easier, the Dallas Firehouse Movers would like to share useful apps for your move to Dallas!


Let’s get things started with Magicplan. [1] It’s one of the most useful apps for your move to Dallas because Magicplan creates a 3D floorplan of the new home to help you decorate and arrange the furniture in the space all from your phone. As you walk around, the app records the dimensions of the house to help you better gauge where everything will go. It’s as easy as that!


Another useful app is TaskRabbit.[2] This app makes it easy to find someone to complete some challenging handyman work. Whether you need a job done for the old house to make sure you get your security deposit back or you have a project in the new home in Dallas, TaskRabbit matches you with “background-checked Taskers” for whatever job you need. If you need to patch up holes, paint the walls, mount a TV on the wall, or even assemble furniture, this app will quickly find a professional handyman in your area to get the job done!


When you’re having trouble putting together an organized moving checklist, give Wunderlist [2] a try. With just the tap of your finger, you’re able to create to-do lists and reminders to help you check pressing relocation tasks before moving to Dallas from any location. A bonus to using Wunderlist is that it can be synced to multiple devices letting everyone in the household know what needs to be completed.

Uber Eats

Whether your kitchenware is already packed away or you’re just too darn tired, you’re going to have satisfy your hunger after a long day of moving and packing. One of the useful apps you should install ASAP for your move to Dallas is Uber Eats. [3] Once you’ve opened the app, you get to browse through a variety of restaurants in the area by cuisine, dish, and diet. Once you’ve picked the meal you want, ordering is simple, and your chosen restaurant instantly prepares the meal. Once the meal is ready, an Uber driver picks up your food and you’re able to track where they are in real-time before it gets delivered to your door. So, no more having to guess what’s for dinner when it’s all on your phone!

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If you’d like to learn more about useful apps for your move to Dallas or just need a hand for an upcoming move, feel free to contact a member of our professional team at 972-412-6033. Happy moving!



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