Moving to Dallas with Children

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With so much going on after deciding to move to Dallas, your stress levels are most likely through the roof. This comes as no surprise as relocating to a new city is the third most stressful life even after divorce and the death of a loved one. [1] Your plate is filled with relocation tasks like booking our residential movers in Dallas to help you relocate into the new home, contacting your employer about your upcoming move, finding a good school for the kids to attend – the list goes on. Among all these errands, your children might not fully understand what’s going on. Children tend to feel as overwhelmed as much as adults due to the sudden change in their environment. The Dallas Firehouse Movers are happy to explain how moving to Dallas with children can be less stressful.

Preparing Your Child for The Move

When moving to Dallas with children, you want to try your best to ensure you don’t catch them off-guard just before the move. So, begin by holding a family meeting right after booking our Dallas Firehouse movers to discuss the new home and what to expect on moving day. Explain to them the process of moving such as packing and loading as well as how long it will take to arrive at the new house. Show pictures of the new home to the little ones so it won’t seem so much like a strange environment upon moving in.

You can go the extra mile by letting your children have a say in the décor for their new room. Pick out different accessories like lava lamps, bean bags, wall decals, or a rug, as well as other necessities like bedding and curtains in their favorite colors and patterns. Allowing them to pick new things for their new room will be something for them to look forward to when moving to Dallas.

Time to Go: Helping Kids Cope with the Move

Now that the big day as finally arrived, pay close attention to the kids’ behavior. When our Dallas team arrives to help you move out, introduce the kids talk to our North Texas movers so they look less like strangers. Our Dallas movers have experience working with families who are moving to Dallas with children and they know the stress children tend to experience upon relocating. Therefore, a little small talk about their favorite superheroes and games can help put your children at ease.

Home Sweet Home

While our Dallas full-service movers are helping you get settled into the new home, reward the children with a day of fun activities. This not only will lift their spirits after a long move, but it will passively help them familiarize themselves with their new hometown. They will enjoy family-friendly activities like visiting the children’s museum, a family entertainment center like a skating rink, a water park, the aquarium, the Dallas Zoo, and more.

We’re Here to Help!

When you hire the Dallas movers, you can be sure you’re working with the best in town. We offer a variety of moving services such as local and long-distance moving and use the best moving supplies in Dallas, TX. The Firehouse Movers have served the Dallas-Fort Worth area for almost twenty years, so we not only are we well-versed in the industry, but we also know the locale inside and out. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on a smooth move to Dallas by calling (972) 412-6033 today for your free estimate.



[1] Health Status – Top 5 Stressful Situations