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What to Expect from a Full-Service Move

A lot people lead increasingly busy lives. Many don’t have enough time in their schedules to completely coordinate and pull off a full-on relocation. If this is the case for you, consider hiring top-rated Dallas full-service movers like the professionals found at Firehouse Movers – our local North Texas moving company. Whether you are anticipating an upcoming residential move or commercial relocation, taking advantage of a full-service move provided by our professional Dallas movers may be the right choice for you!


What Do Full-Service Movers Do?

Unlike a self-service move, a full-service move does not require you to schedule a moving van rental, pack up your entire household by yourself, and then drive to your new destination where you then must start unpacking. Instead, your Dallas full-service movers handle all that for you. Unlike moving labor-only services, full-service moving entails so much more than loading and unloading.

When you hire full-service Dallas movers, your residential or commercial relocation is professionally handled from beginning to end – from the planning stages all the way to unpacking, and everything in between. If you trust Firehouse Movers with your move, you can expect the following top-notch relocation services. Our team can customize these services to best fit your budget and needs.


Packing & Unpacking

Packing up all household or office items is probably the most time-consuming step in any move. Do you want to save a lot of time and avoid the effort of having to recruit friends and family to help you pack your home? Do you want to minimize downtime in your business during an office relocation? Take advantage of professional packing services. At Firehouse Movers, our movers only use industry-standard techniques and high-quality packing supplies to ensure maximum protection for your possessions.


Furniture Disassembly & Specialty Installations

Some pieces of furniture need to be taken apart so that they can be packed and transported safely. Our Dallas full-service movers are skilled at disassembling furniture, as well as specialty installations, which typically involve exceptionally valuable and/or delicate items. Big appliances, pianos, artwork, mirrors, and large electronics – our Dallas movers can take care of it.


Loading, Unloading & Transportation

During a full-service move, the moving crew responsible for your relocation will take care of all the heavy lifting involved with the process. Large pieces of furniture, heavy boxes, and tricky building layouts to navigate – you’ll want highly trained and physically fit Dallas movers to be responsible for loading and unloading all your items into a moving vehicle. Once that’s finished, your movers will also be responsible for driving all your stuff your new place. At Firehouse Movers, our licensed Dallas movers drive modern and spacious moving trailers – the fire engine red hue is easy to recognize!



We are a North Texas moving & storage company. That means that if you move with us and you need to store away some of your items temporarily or even long-term – we have storage units at our secure Dallas storage facility available for you.

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