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Moving FAQs

How soon should you call the movers?

It is important to call the movers you want to use as soon as you know your moving date. This will ensure that they can reserve your date. They will also have time to help you plan your move if necessary.

Do you offer any guarantee for arrival time?

We will always do our best to arrive on time; however, we book both morning and afternoon moves. This means that if a morning move takes more time than expected, we may be late. We will always let you know if we are running late.

Should all furniture be emptied prior to being moved?

All furniture and appliances should be emptied prior to being moved. The only exception is your dressers. You may leave any clothing item in dressers, but we ask that you remove any item that is not clothing, such as perfume, jewelry, or anything else.

Do you provide packing services?

Yes, our experienced and trained team can help you with any size move or packing need.

What are the sizes of your trucks?

We will move you with our high-quality, well-equipped 32-foot trailers.
If you have any other questions, feel free to call us today. We will take the hassle and stress out of your move.

Do I have to empty my refrigerator and freezer?

Yes. It is important to both your refrigerator and freezer so that food does not spoil; nothing falls out, and to ensure that your appliance remains in good working order.

Do you charge for multiple stops?

No. We charge by the hour so stop as little or as much as you like.

Do you charge tax?

No. We charge by the hour, and we charge a one-time trip fee.

Do I get charged an extra trip charge if my move is more than one day?

Yes, unfortunately with the current cost of diesel we do charge for moves that have multiple trips and are over multiple days.

How much does your trailer hold?

Each trailer holds between 500-1,800 square feet of furniture, depending on how bulky your furniture is.

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