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3 Things to Check Before Moving Day

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Moving Day

Changing residence can be stressful. This is especially if you are in charge of everything. Hiring a moving company can reduce stress, energy and time used when moving from one place to another.
Statistics have revealed most people are not fully prepared when the shifting day arrives.

This is due to many reasons. Failure to be prepared increases stress for the movers and your family.

A moving company helps a person in packing, transporting and offloading his/her personal belongings. It is, therefore, necessary to pave the way for the moving company to do their work with ease.However; this is not always the case. Some clients interfere with the company’s work.

Here are some three important details moving companies want their client to know before the moving day:

  • Checking company’s policies
  • Packing and clearing out
  • Avoid trying to help

Checking company’s policies

Paying attention to policies before hiring your movers is important. This is because companies have different policies. Most companies refuse to transport dangerous or hazardous items. This is because they pose a high risk to their employees as they work.

There are some items which need to be transported separately from others. This includes; insect control sprays, paints, kerosene among others.

There are some company policies which refuse to transport sensitive items such as guns, ammunitions, and house plants. It is important to ask any questions for clarification in case a policy is not clearly stated. This helps prevent confusion during the moving day.

Dolly used by professional moving companiesPacking and clearing out

It is never recommended to wait until the last day to start packing your belongings. This happens only in some exceptional cases if your movers have been paid to pack your belongings. It is important to have everything arranged and ready for transportation before the moving day.

Failure to pack can increase your transportation cost. Most moving companies have fixed schedules. That’s not all; being late to pack increases congestion in your house as these boxes make it difficult to navigate around.

As a result; this will increase the stress and time needed to move out from one apartment to another. It is critical to pack your belongings before the moving day. Also, ensure all the pathways are clear to avoid accidents.

Avoid trying to help

This is the first statement your moving company will state unto you. There is a reason why you decided to invest in professionals. Moving companies don’t appreciate a person coming to help them load boxes and furniture.

Movers have a team of able men and women who work efficiently.It is the work of the movers to ensure your items are transported in a safe and efficient manner. Helping can confuse movers.


I strongly recommend hiring a moving company to help you shift from one apartment to another. Moving is a very tiresome and stressful process. A few people can manage to move on their own.
Furthermore; it feels good working with a professional institution.

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