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How to Choose a Forever Neighborhood


On any list of moving goals – for individuals, couples, and families – you want to find the perfect neighborhood, the perfect home and the perfect school for your children to attend. But it can be hard choosing a forever neighborhood, the place you are going to call home for years to come. Our professional North Texas local movers may not be able to choose a forever neighborhood for you, but we can certainly steer you in the right direction.

Review Crime Rates

If you are lost and you’re not sure what to look for in a forever neighborhood, research is definitely the first step. One of the most important things you should consider is the crime rate. Check the current crime rates of the specific neighborhood you are interested in. The city might boast about its relatively low crime rate overall but that might not be the case for individual neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods You Should Avoid

Besides basic internet research, there are a few other ways to gauge the crime rate in the neighborhood you are thinking about moving to such as:

  • Contact the local police department to inquire
  • Look for graffiti
  • Notice any suspicious behavior
  • Ask the locals in public areas like the park

Consider the Schools Before Neighborhood

If you want to choose a forever neighborhood, then you need to also think about the public schools in the area if you have children or you’re thinking of starting a family down the line. In this case, you might want to start looking at schools before considering a neighborhood. Our Waxahachie movers recommend that you take your child’s needs and preferences into account as you’re looking for an educational institution.

Understand the Value of Real Estate in the Area

While it is important to know what the schools are like and whether or not the neighborhoods are safe, neither would factor into your decision if you can’t afford to live in the neighborhood or if the value of the house is likely to decrease soon, making a house in the neighborhood a bad investment to make at the moment. You need to find a neighborhood within your budget whose property values are stable or will potentially even increase. Besides property values, it’s important to be aware of any new developments planned for the future to assess how it will affect the area and whether or not it’s a benefit to you. If a new school is in the works that’ll offer excellent programs, that might make it worth it for families. If a new shopping and entertainment plaza is opening in the neighborhood soon, perhaps you’ll consider the extra traffic unbearable or the idea of entertainment options close by is appealing.

Let the Moving Experts Help You

Once you choose a forever neighborhood, our North Texas residential movers will be here to help you move and settle in. Contact our Firehouse Movers for any questions about the moving services we offer and get a quote today!