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How to Pack Drums for Shipping

If you own a drum set and will be moving soon, you may be wondering what you could do to ensure its protection inside of a moving truck and during long periods of transit. Chances are that your new drum set has cost you a lot of money, and you will be looking to protect it in any way possible. There are many reasons why you should be apprehensive about moving your drum set in a moving truck. For one, these musical instruments give the impression of being sturdy, but they are actually quite delicate, which means that the investment that you made in your new hobby or livelihood could become quite damaged.  If you are interested in learning how to pack drums for shipping, you should continue reading below to learn more from Firehouse Movers and our Frisco movers. 

How to Ship a Drum Set – Understanding the Nesting Method

To ship a drum set, you will need to get familiar with the proper packing techniques. When it comes to shipping items like drums, you will need to get familiar with the nesting technique. The nesting technique is one where you place smaller pieces of the same items into larger ones so that they are more easily transported. In this case, you will place the smaller drums of the drum set into the larger ones. This makes it easier for you to save space on a moving truck while also making the drum set fit more snugly into the cardboard boxes so that they do not move around too much when they are being transported. However, before using the nesting method to ship a drum set, you should learn how to pack the items correctly so that they survive the trip to your new home. 

How to Ship Drums 

To learn to ship drums, you will need to learn how to pack drums for shipping. Like packing anything else, you need to gather the right materials to begin your packing. Some of the most common materials that you will need are listed below: 

  • Cardboard box
    • A single large cardboard box will be large enough to fit a regular 3-piece drum set. You should make sure that the cardboard container is strong enough. In other words, you should be prepared to get a brand-new one on your hands since they are less likely to break. 
  • Brown packing paper
    • Packing paper is an essential part of any upcoming relocation. Strong packing paper like this one is necessary to pack fragile drums and other materials that may be part of your drum set. Our Frisco, TX, local movers recommend that you choose Kraft paper since this tends to be much stronger than regular packing paper.
  • Loose pieces of cardboard
    • Thick loose pieces of cardboard should be enough to protect the drum shells that you will be transporting. 
  • Bubble wrap
    • Bubble wrap should be used to pad your drums against accidental damage that may occur on the way to your new home. 


After you have gotten all of these materials, it will be necessary for you to remove the drum legs and holders from the set. Once they have been removed from the set, you could set them apart for the time being. After this step, you should make an effort to pack the bass drum properly. The bass drum is usually the largest piece in the drum set, which means that it is usually the most difficult to pack safely for moving. To remove the bass drum, follow these steps: 

  • Unscrew the claws and tension rods while removing the drum hoops.
  • Wrap the drum claws in packing paper and later insert them into a plastic bag for added protection.
  • Wrap the hoops of the bass drum with large bubble wrap and then place them inside the bass drum shell.
  • Place the drum shell inside the cardboard box and then apply copious amounts of bubble wrap.
  • Repeat this process for the floor tom and rack tom.

After packing the bass drum, you should “nest” the floor tom inside of the bass drum and nest the rack into the floor tom. By following these instructions, you can safely say that you have learned how to pack drums for shipping.

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