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Moving is traumatic and exciting at the same time. The idea of being in a new place with so many new things to see and do is wonderful. Once a person arrives safely, all their things get unpacked, and they settle, there is so much to do.

It is wonderful to move to Allen, Texas because it is a superb community located in the suburbs of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area. If the move is to leave Allen, Texas, we are sad to see you go. Nevertheless, our full service moving company stands ready to help pack. Afterwards, we safely transport belongings, no matter if the move is a short distance, or across the country.Whatever the moving needs are, we are ready to help.

Allen Attractions

For those moving to Allen, Texas here are some great things to know about the community and some resources to help begin living there. Allen is a suburb in the northern part of Dallas with just over 80,000 people living there.

In 2012, the brand new $60 million, 18,000 seat, Allen High School Football Stadium was finished. Going to see a local football game is a must, it is terrific fun for the whole family. The unemployment rate in Allen is below the national average. It was a mere 3.5% in December 2014. When looking for a job in Allen, it is easy for most people to find one. The weather is always great with a year-round average of 63°F. The food in the over 180 restaurants is awesome with huge Texan-style servings. Some places feature great live music in many styles. There are 80 acres of public parks and 50 miles of hiking trails. Also, be sure to check out Allen's Convention & Visitors Bureau for lots of fun things to do. Also check out some information about moving to Allen comes from the city's website.

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Here are some helpful contacts to get services turned on for the new place:

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