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Adam Groffman Tell Us What He Loves About Dallas

Adam goffman

We are always talking about how much we love Dallas and we always remind our readers that of course we are a little biased. Afterall, we are North Texans, firefighters, and good ole boys and girls from the Lone Start State. We are only ever going to talk about how much we love it here and provide more reasons to move to Dallas.

So instead of droning on about how much we love Dallas, we decided to ask a travel blogger to give us his insights. We reached out to Adam Groffman, a travel blogger extraordinaire, and asked him for his thoughts on North Texas and Dallas.

  1. Favorite Thing About North Texas

“Growing up in North Texas, I always loved how surprisingly diverse and accepting much of the area is. There are so many types of things to do — from the Fort Worth stockyards to the Dallas art museums, there’s a bit of something for everyone!”

We could not agree more with Adam here. There is so much to see and do in Dallas that there is definitely a little something for everyone.

  1. The BEST Restaurant to Check Out

“Well, as a Texan local and a frequent driver, I’m a sucker for the fast food you’ll find in North Texas—specifically Whataburger (soooo good!) and of course Braum’s ice cream!”

Whataburger is a Texas thing and if you haven’t tried it then you should ask your long-distance Dallas movers to make a pit stop at one on your way to your new house, it is that good. It has to be, it MUST be on your to do list for the first week here.

As for Braum’s ice cream – So. Dang. Good. Adam has great taste and we wholeheartedly agree with his picks…you will too!

A Little About Adam

As mentioned before, Adam grew up in North Texas, which makes him a local and even closer to our hearts. He is an experienced graphic designer that quit his job to travel the world and write about his fantastic adventures in his travel blog, Travels of Adam and his guide to traveling to Dallas. We highly recommend checking him out and reading all his great stories!

And always, check out our moving blog to get some great moving tips and tricks!