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Halloween House Decorating Tips

Halloween house decorating tips

Are you one of the many that are excited to pull your Halloween house decorations out of storage and cover your home with spooky decorations? Halloween is the perfect holiday to get creative, especially with house decorations. Learn our Frisco residential movers’ favorite Halloween house decorating tips!

How to Decorate Your House for Halloween

Halloween Decoration Ideas for Outside

  • Our Frisco local movers suggest decorating your lawn with as many spooky Halloween decorations as your yard will allow. Select a theme such as a graveyard, haunted house, or zombie apocalypse.
  • If you have trees, cover them with spider webs. You can add spiders or a raven throughout the branches.
  • A perfect DIY Halloween decoration for the outside is pumpkins. Don’t have time to carve pumpkins? Paint them instead!
  • Have a rocking chair? Place a ghost, ghoul, or black cat for a spooky Halloween decoration on your front porch.  

Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your House

  • Purchase a spooky doormat to go along with your Halloween décor.
  • An easy way to decorate your house for the holiday is to drape your tables with black tablecloths and spider webs. It’s extra scary if you can fray the edges or put holes through it.
  • Place candles throughout your house for a haunted house atmosphere. You can drip the candles in fake blood or red candle wax.  
  • Have some empty mason jars or vases in your home? Place some spooky Halloween decorations such as dead flowers, plastic spiders, a plastic skull, candles, or any other items that go along with your scary décor.
  • Don’t forget your windows! Our Frisco full-service movers suggest dressing up your windows with Halloween house decorations such as plastic ravens, spiderwebs, or dead plants. A spooky DIY Halloween decoration is to place cutouts of a cat, ghost, or skeleton in your window so your neighbors can see.

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