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How to Succeed After Moving to a New City

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Picking up and leaving behind your routine, comfortability, and security is never easy. Staying focused and having clear goals in mind is important for your success after moving to a new city. Use our guide below to triumph in your new environment.

1. Move Efficiently

Moving is a huge task. Sorting through your life, decluttering, and packing are tedious emotionally (our Texas long-distance movers recommend creating a moving checklist to help). The best way to move is to save yourself the physical labor by hiring a reputable moving company. We at Firehouse Movers are experts in Not Scratching Floors, saving you an average of $921 for wood flooring and $457 for tile.[1][2] Get a free moving estimate from us and factor in those cost-savings. We’ll ensure the safety of all your precious things, and get you settled quickly. The quicker you get settled, the quicker you will feel “at home” in your new city.

2. Say Yes to New Opportunities

It’s easy to fall into the trap of staying confined to your personal space when moving to a new city, and even more so if you moving to a new city alone. In order to expand that space, you should take every (safe) opportunity that is offered to you and say yes. Go out for Happy Hour with coworkers, check out the local music scene, explore your surroundings, and take life by the horns! By saying “yes” to new opportunities and fresh experiences, you will grow your network of friends (arguably the hardest task when you move to a new place) and grow as an individual.

3. Join Organized Groups

Our Dallas residential movers suggest organized groups as a key to finding your people and keeping busy (so you don’t get that post-moving depression feeling). Think about what drives you and delve into it, such as:

  • Volunteering at a nonprofit, like Greyhound Adoption League of Texas or For Love & Art [3]
  • Playing in a local sports league [4]
  • Meeting up with other professionals in your industry [5]

While you’re still starting out in a city, it’s the perfect time to try something you’ve never done before. Being a beginner will make it easy to connect to someone else who is also beginning, with plenty of awkwardness to build camaraderie.

4. Find Your Important Spots

Whether it’s just to get out of the house or it’s an emergency run, you need to scope out your go-to spots. These are essentials such as a pharmacy, a grocery store, a gas station, and a coffee shop/bar. Take a day or two to roam around your neighborhood and discover these havens. Bonus points for asking a neighbor (aka a potential new friend!) for recommendations, which is a great conversation starter.

5. Download Local/Useful Apps

For every problem you could run into after moving to a new place: there’s an app for it. Need directions and don’t want to get lost? GoogleMaps. Need to find a bar? Untappd. Need transit information and a way to pay? After you move to Dallas, use the DART GoPass app. [6] There is a myriad of apps for local news, transportation, outdoors, weather, and so on.

6. Maintain Your Previous Relationships.

Your friends will miss you once you’re gone, and you will need emotional support to make it through the rough portions of moving to a new city, especially if you’re moving to a new city alone. Make the effort to foster and maintain the relationships you value. A few texts and calls will go a long way and make both parties feel supported.

Now that you know what to do after moving to a new city, go forth and succeed! We hope to see you around the neighborhood. And remember, we are always here to be your supportive North Texas movers!




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