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Living in Fort Worth vs. Dallas

Dallas vs Fort Worth

Living Comparison: Fort Worth vs. Dallas

Dallas and Fort Worth are the two major cities that make up the heart of North Texas. Both cities are booming commercial and cultural hubs. Both are home to plenty of attractive neighborhoods for families and young professionals alike. And yet, these two metropolises also have some key differences.

The great debate of Dallas versus Fort Worth may never be definitively decided. “Should I live in Fort Worth or Dallas?” In the end, that is a personal question that will come down to your unique preferences and circumstances.

Our Dallas local movers at Firehouse Movers live and work in the communities they serve. In fact, many members of our team live in Dallas and Fort Worth. Our firefighter-owned Dallas moving and storage company has compiled some information about these two cities that will hopefully help you choose which one to move to.

Below, Firehouse Movers answers the eternal question: what are the differences between living in Fort Worth vs. Dallas. 

infographic on whether you should live in fort worth or dallas

Which Is Cheaper, Dallas or Fort Worth?

For those wondering, yes, it is cheaper to live in Fort Worth than Dallas. When it comes to the cost of living, Fort Worth and Dallas are surprisingly similar. However, living in Dallas does come with slightly more expensive living costs. According to Numbeo, the rent prices in Fort Worth are 18.85% lower than in Dallas [1]. Our Frisco apartment movers would like to point out that restaurants and groceries are also less expensive in Fort Worth. In Huffington Post’s list of 15 Best Places to Live If You’re Trying to Save Money, Fort Worth ranks #25 and Dallas ranks #49 [2].

Living in Fort Worth Means There Will Be Less Traffic

Being the bigger city of the two, Dallas has a comparatively denser population compared to Fort Worth. This population density does often translates to dismal traffic conditions. During rush hour, traffic jams are unfortunately common in Dallas. Fort Worth has its own problems with traffic congestion, but none as severe as its neighboring city. In the end, Fort Worth is a more commuter-friendly city.

Dallas vs. Fort Worth: Culture

Cosmopolitan versus Hipster – this is a simple way to see the difference between Dallas and Fort Worth when it comes to their unique cultural scenes. With its microbreweries, eateries, and mom-and-pop shops, the smaller city of Forth Worth has great local offerings. On the other hand, the ethnic and cultural diversity found in Dallas seeps into the city’s dining and shopping options. Dallas is the most multicultural city in North Texas.

Is Fort Worth a Good Place to Live? 

When it comes to deciding on living in Fort Worth vs. Dallas, you may be wondering if Fort Worth is a great place to live. Our Dallas movers are here to tell you that Fort Worth is one of the best places to live in Texas. Fort Worth offers its residents a more laid-back lifestyle when compared to the sprawling metropolis that is Dallas. As mentioned above, Fort Worth has a lower population density and less traffic than Dallas, which is a key indicator of the quality of life that the city has to offer. 

Is Dallas A Good Place to Live? 

For those that do not have an interest in living in a less populated city, and want a more cosmopolitan and urban feel, Dallas is the city for them. Dallas has a lively downtown area, making it an excellent destination for young professionals. The wide variety of bars and restaurants also make it a great place for foodies that want to expand their palette, which is also reflected in the great variety of cultures that are present in the city. 

More About Firehouse Movers 

Whether you have found your side of the Fort Worth vs. Dallas debate or not, our Texas moving company could help you settle into your new home. We are a full-service moving company dedicated to helping people who are thinking about moving to Dallas or Fort Worth with our collection of premier moving services. Firehouse Dallas offers help through the assistance of our Dallas local movers, Dallas office movers, Dallas full-service movers, Dallas business movers, and Dallas apartment movers. Our Texas moving company also offers the same services for people that live in Fort Worth thanks to our Fort Worth movers. Contact us today to learn more.  



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