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Tips on Apartment Hunting in North Texas

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A little help goes a long way when you’re looking to ease the pains of moving. Our Frisco long-distance movers share some tips on apartment hunting in North Texas to make your life easier and hopefully bring a bright new face to the area!

Create a Budget

Tip on apartment hunting in North Texas #1: create a budget. No matter if you’re looking for an apartment or a house in North Texas, the first step in working on a move is creating a budget. This will help navigate the waters of possibility for your move, easing your wallet and mind for the expenditures that your credit card will bare in the future. It is generally recommended to spend no more than one-third of your income on rent per year.1 This will also be influenced by the number of roommates you have to split the rent with, and if you have a pet that will require additional monthly fees.

Assess Your Apartment Needs & Make a Checklist

One of the most important tips on apartment hunting in North Texas is to determine your needs. Do you have a furry friend? Make sure the apartment you move to allows pets. Do you use a car to commute to work? It may be best to find an apartment complex that has parking. If you know you’re only going to be in an area for a specific time, look over lease terms to make sure that you can easily transition out of your North Texas apartment. Our Frisco full-service movers highly recommend that you determine your needs ahead of time, make a checklist with those needs as well as questions to ask landlords and leasing agencies so you don’t get caught in a bad situation.

Look into Middle-Floor Units

One easy way to gain entry into a highly sought-after apartment complex and to save money is to look into middle-floor units. Many people prefer top floors for the views or bottom floors for easy access, so the middle-floor units tend to be overlooked. If your priorities do not include views or easy access, looking into middle-floor units will greatly ease your apartment search.

Research North Texas Neighborhoods

Another one of the most useful tips on apartment hunting in North Texas our Frisco residential movers recommend is to research different neighborhoods. Knowing the area where you live will be important in developing your sense of community and will impact what you end up doing outside of the apartment and work. There are artsy districts, suburbs, bustling metro areas, and more. Which suits your lifestyle?

Once You Find Your North Texas Apartment, Give Us a Call!

As always, if you need any assistance with your move after finding your dream apartment in North Texas, contact Firehouse Movers. We are experts in Frisco relocation services and can help you with any part of the moving process. We hope to hear from you soon!



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