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Tips to Reduce Your Electric Bill

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As the brutal Dallas-Fort Worth heat increases, it’s important to find different ways to reduce your electric bill. Leaving on lights and keeping your air conditioner on cool non-stop can lead to high electricity bills. Don’t worry though — our dedicated Dallas movers and packers are here to share a few ways to keep energy costs down and reduce your electric bill.

How Can I Reduce My Electric Bill?

As a homeowner and even a renter, it’s important you are keeping your costs down, especially lowering your electricity bill. Check out these tips to help you reduce your electric bill.

Raise A/C Unit’s Temperature

It’s not uncommon to leave your air conditioning system on high all day long and forgetting to turn it off before you leave. Lowering your electricity bill is simple if you increase the A/C unit’s temperature. Reduce your A/C unit usage and you will notice a significant change in your monthly bill. When the weather is nicer out, turn off your system and open your windows for some fresh air.

Add Curtains

Blackout curtains are famous for keeping your home cool and preventing sunlight. Your overall home will feel nice and cool after you add curtains. Shop online or visit a local retailer, but make sure you have the accurate window measurements before you purchase. Say goodbye to the heat and hello to a colder house.

Turn off Your Lights

A common mistake is leaving lights on when you aren’t in the room or you have left your house. Reduce your electric bill by remembering to shut off your lights. Our Dallas movers understand how easy it is to leave a room and keep the lights running. But shutting off the lights only takes seconds. We promise, turning off your lights will drastically benefit your bill.

Air dry your clothes

You might not realize it, but your washer and dryer use a tremendous amount of energy. Lower your bill by hanging your clothes to dry after they finish in the washer. Switching up your method drying should help reduce your electric bill in the long run.

Air Dry Your Clothes

Another great way to cut your electricity bill in half is by taking shorter showers. We are all guilty of spending excessive amounts of time ponding and relaxing in the shower. But did you know cutting down your shower time can lower your water bill? Try reducing your shower time by just a few seconds/minutes, and your bill will be on its way to reducing.

Avoid Running Your Sink Faucets

Leaving the sink faucet running when you aren’t using it is another factor of higher electricity bills. When you are brushing your teeth, turn the water off when the toothbrush is in your mouth. Also, when you are doing dishes, it’s very common to leave the water running. Try to cut down on your running water to help lower the cost of your bill.

You are now on your way to reducing your electric bill and spending your savings elsewhere. If you need any further assistance relocating, contact our Fort Worth movers today.