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What Does the Average Electric Bill Cost in Dallas?


What Is The Average Electric Bill in Dallas? 

If you are planning to move to a large city like Dallas, one of the things that may be on your mind is the amount of money you will be spending on basic utilities like electricity. As your life becomes more inundated by electronics and other luxuries like smart televisions and powerful gaming systems, it is only natural to wonder how this will impact your monthly expenses and bottom line. The average electric bill that someone pays in a city is likely to reflect on the weather and the lifestyle that its citizens usually enjoy. Below, Firehouse Movers Dallas, one of the few long-distance moving companies in Dallas, goes into further detail about what you could expect to pay for your electric bill. 

What is the Average Electric Bill for a Dallas Apartment? 

One of the reasons Dallas is such an attractive city for people to move to is its relatively cheap cost of living compared to other major cities. New residents will be glad to discover that this is also reflected in the average utility and electricity bills. According to Numbeo.com (May 2019), the average utility bill in Dallas for a 915 square-foot apartment is $139.55. This includes electricity, heating, water, and garbage. 

This is about 13 dollars less than the national average and these types of savings add up over time and mean that you will have more money to spend enjoying what Dallas has to offer. The average electric bill for a one-bedroom apartment in Dallas is sure to be a catalyst for many people to move to a city. 

What is the Average Electric Bill in Dallas for a Home? 

Not everyone moving to Dallas will move into an apartment. If you are looking to move 

to a home, keeping it cool and dry during the summer is sure to cost more than an apartment. Also, people that live in houses are more likely to have children, which is a surefire way to increase your monthly expenses. The average gas/electric bill is reported to be around $200/month for a home. 

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