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For many, Coppell is rainbow's end, the Emerald City at the end of the Yellow Brick Road. With a population just under forty thousand people at last check, Coppell is everything you want from a mid-sized Texas town. The city is big enough and just small enough, to live the life that you want to live. A town small enough to know your neighbors, but big enough that you can still find great Chinese food right around the corner.

So here's some good news when it comes to moving around in Coppell. The trip across town doesn't burn as much gas as it would in Dallas or Houston.

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The challenge, on the other hand is knowing your way around. Big cities are laid out in ordered grids with highways running this way and that, making it easy for you to get the neighborhood that you're looking for. Medium-sized towns can be like a maze for new residents. Luckily, our movers can get your stuff where it's going without skipping a beat, and if you're lost, you can just follow us there.

We hope you love living in Coppell. It's everything you need from the city and everything you want from a town.

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