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How to Clean a Microwave for A Move

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The modern household has plenty of appliances that make life more convenient. Perhaps the location in a house that has the most of these modern appliances is the kitchen. The kitchen is home to refrigerators, toaster ovens, blenders, microwaves, and more. These appliances need to be cleaned before being moved from one home to another because this ensures that your new home will start off clean. In addition, cleaning appliances make them last longer. Since moving is an expensive process, saving money where you can is paramount. In the following article, Firehouse Movers Dallas will detail how to clean a microwave so that your move can be easier.

How to Clean the Inside of a Microwave 

Obviously, the inside of a microwave is the dirtiest part of the appliance. There are many ways to clean the inside of a microwave, with the most relevant ways to do so revolving around disinfecting the inside with common household items. If the inside of a microwave is not disinfected, mold and other impurities can begin to form inside of the microwave, meaning that you would need to purchase a new one. 

The most common way to clean the inside of a microwave is to use dish soap. To do so, you will need to make a solution with water and detergent. After making the solution, you should take out the microwave dish and clean it thoroughly over the sink with a sponge. After setting the dish to air dry, we recommend that you go inside the microwave and clean the interior walls and door. After everything has been dried, place the dish back inside your microwave, and it should be as good as new. 

For those learning how to clean a moldy microwave, it is important to follow the previous steps, but later make sure to leave the microwave and dish in the sun since sunlight kills mold. 

How to Clean a Microwave With a Lemon 

It may be surprising to many, but lemons can be used to clean microwaves, thanks to their disinfectant properties. Our Dallas movers recommend that you use a lemon to clean a microwave after you clean it with the methods described above. This makes sure that your microwave is disinfected along with appearing clean. To clean with a lemon, you will need to make a solution of lemon juice and water. After doing so, you should microwave the solution on high for five minutes. This allows the water to evaporate and spreads the lemon juice around the microwave, making it disinfected. This is also a good way to make sure that no mold grows in your microwave. 

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