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Movers in Plano Texas - Let us help!

There is no question that Plano is a popular location in Texas. It is the largest city in Collin County and only about 20 miles from Dallas. We can help you with your move to, or from, Plano with professionalism and customer service that is unmatched in the industry.

Suburban Moving Services

While we offer moving services to anyone moving to or from the Plano area, we understand that Plano is full of residents who live in the suburbs. We can navigate the area with expertise and not only help you move comfortably to your new home or business location, but give you a few tips about the area along the way.

Plano -- one of the best places to live in Texas

There is no need to look any further for movers in Plano Texas. We will come to you and help you plan the entire process. We have the right moving supplies and equipment to ensure your experience is seamless. We understand the high cost of living in some of the areas of Plano and will help to ensure that no matter the belongings you need to move, they are handled with the utmost care.

Contact us today if you are planning to leave or move to or within Plano, Texas. We will help ensure your move is efficient and stress-free.

9 Reasons To Use Movers in Plano Texas

As we present the major nine reasons for using our professional movers, we are going to provide this information with a subheading each. That way you can directly scan to see what these reasons are without having to go into depth as to why they are so necessary. Of course, you are welcome to read the information to see exactly why these nine reasons are so important. That being said, let's go into these reasons for using a professional moving business in Plano.

Speed And Efficiency

The first reason that you should use a professional moving company is that we are extremely efficient at what we do. We will be able to come to your home, pack everything up, and move it to your new destination. If you were to try to do this on your own, it would probably take several days, even with the help of family and friends. The faster that you get there, the sooner you can move on with your life at this new location.

Professional Handling

We are going to be exceedingly careful with everything that you own. We make sure everything is packed correctly and is positioned in the vehicles that will transport all of this merchandise, making sure that nothing is damaged or broken.

Save You Time

You should always use a professional, especially for a large move, is that you are going to save hours, if not days, of your own personal time. It is going to cost you money to use one of these services, but you may lose more money by taking time off from work.

Avoid Possible Injuries

Another reason to use professionals for moving your goods from one location to the next is that you can prevent any possibility of getting hurt. Some things require two or three people to move them such as large tables, desks, and even a piano that would not be possible without proper tools and individuals that have experience.

Save You Money

It is going to save you money, and it's going far beyond what was mentioned above. If you were to accidentally damage something that was exceedingly valuable and your insurance would not cover that, it is possible that you could lose thousands of dollars by trying to move something that is extremely fragile by yourself.

Gives You More Flexibility

It will give you more flexibility in your life. For example, if you only have a certain number of days to move, and you can only get one day off, it would not be possible for you. You may also only be allowed to take certain days off which may not coincide with when you need to move. We will make it possible for you to make progress at any time that you need to without all of that hassle.

We Can Box Everything Up

We specialize in moving, and we are also experts at packaging what needs to be moved. We can put everything into boxes for you, correctly packing everything so that the potential for damage is minimal.

We Can Position Everything Correctly

We can position everything exactly where it needs to be in the trucks and vans where it will be transported. Many people do not realize that there is an art to packing everything into a vehicle that is going to carry merchandise. Our professionals will make sure that nothing moves around, even if there is some unforeseen erratic driving that may occur. This can save you money as well, preventing the potential damage of merchandise that would otherwise be tossed around.

We Can Unpack Everything

We not only move all of your belongings but when your items get to your new home, we can unpack everything. This is probably harder to do, and potentially frustrating because you are now trying to put everything into the proper rooms. Our professionals will know exactly what places they will go in based upon their designations, and unpack everything out of the boxes, so you don't have to.

In conclusion, these highlighted reasons for hiring a professional moving company should show you why it is a right decision to make. In no time at all, you can quickly find, evaluate, and hire one of these businesses. If you are moving to your new home in the next few weeks, or even in the next few days, call us we are here in Plano ready to move you and your things anywhere in the United States!

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Ashley Rush
Ashley Rush
04:01 15 Aug 18
When I made the appointment their customer service was friendly and knew what they were talking about. The movers were efficient, friendly and quick! I will be recommending this place to all of my friends when they more
Posh Five
Posh Five
22:54 03 Aug 18
Firehouse was amazing! The guys were so professional and quick. We even had a little delay after a small gas leak but they kept on going! Not 1 scratch or dent to anything!
Christine Scammel
Christine Scammel
18:33 02 Aug 18
Best moving experience ever! We used Firehouse Movers for our move a few months ago. The price was very reasonable and we had heard positive things from friends. The service coordinator was so nice and patient answering all of my questions and making sure we knew what to expect on moving day. Our crew Carlos (the foreman), Noe, and Amendeo were all amazing! They were polite while speaking with me and my family, respectful of our belongings, and super efficient. You could tell this team knew what they were doing. We moved from a 4 bedroom 2 story house and everything ended up fitting in their trailer in one trip. I have already referred two people to them and will continue to do so. Great job all around!read more
Johnny Shortes
Johnny Shortes
17:54 06 Jul 18
The Firehouse Movers men that came to move our two large lounge chairs upstairs {the movers that had moved us into our home couldnot get the chairs upstairs) but the men from Firehouse moves them with out any trouble at all. I cannot thank them enough.I would like to recommend them to anyone that plans to hirea moving more
Allison Creech
Allison Creech
03:07 24 Jun 18
Every single person I interacted with from Firehouse Movers was polite, professional, and friendly (2 ladies on the phone, and 3 movers). I was so pleased that the team of movers were fast, efficient, and careful. I know we were their second or third stop on a Saturday afternoon, but they moved so fast. What I was expecting to be 4-5 hours took 2.5 and that’s with everything being wrapped and carefully more
Katy Baker
Katy Baker
17:59 03 Jun 18
Was recommended to use Firehouse Movers by a friend and was very glad we used this company. A crew of three arrived promptly, were courteous, very careful of our belongings, and HUSTLED the whole time. The price was very reasonable and they even adjusted the price when they didn't need a specialty dolly. Best moving experience I have had. Thank you!!read more
Nathan Hoxie
Nathan Hoxie
00:37 03 Jun 18
If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I expected to pay for about 2.5-3 hours of moving. Luckily my move was within about a mile of the old place and we had everything ready to go. The guys showed up and immediately jumped to work and got the move done in 2 hours flat. Super impressed with their work and their professionalism. And they did it so quickly that it took most of the pain out of our move. I highly recommend these guys for any moving needs and will definitely use them in the more
DeAnna Powers
DeAnna Powers
16:50 23 Apr 18
Loved my crew! Team Jose! They were friendly and efficient. They listened to my requests and helped me in achieving my needed results (for example placing certain items near the front of my unit) I moved into storage for a while and will definitely be requesting this crew for my move out of more
Kelly Jaggars
Kelly Jaggars
17:20 12 Apr 18
The guys were all exceptional! They worked fast and carefully and had the best attitude! I will highly recommend Firehouse Movers to anyone I know that is moving, it was a seamless, wonderful move. I wish I could remember all the men's names, but I only remember Chris, all 3 were ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!read more
Daniel Dill
Daniel Dill
12:43 12 Apr 18
Great job. Was extremely happy with the price and your availability. My wife said the movers were very nice and was able to complete the safe very quickly. Thanks!
Sarah Fulkerson
Sarah Fulkerson
16:12 10 Apr 18
Loved my experience with Firehouse Movers. This was my second time using them for a Dallas move and I will probably use them again when I move out of my current place. The crew that showed up was prompt, polite, and handled my things with care. The price for the move was more than fair for the level of service they provide. I would recommend these guys to anyone doing a local more
Ben B
Ben B
02:45 03 Apr 18
Stephen, Romeo and Manuel were exceptional in their execution. It was evident that they were skilled in all aspects of the move. I couldn't have had a better experienced. I was impressed by their accelerated work speed and attention to detail. Very kind more
Faye Cagle
Faye Cagle
15:35 01 Feb 18
The Firehouse crew of 3 movers were great. They arrived as stated at 7 am and worked tirelessly for three hours to get my stuff moved across town and stacked in the storage unit. The actual time came in under the estimated total time. I was impressed with their strength, professionalism, and care for moving our items. Will recommend them to my friends and will use them for the next part of our move. Additionally, the scheduling staff was great on the phone. They helped me to get an accurate quote for my moving needs and answered questions I had about more
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