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Helpful Moving Tips When Downsizing from a House to an Apartment

What's Different about Apartment Moving

More and more people are choosing to downsize their homes and live more minimalist lives. If you are planning to transition from a home to an apartment anytime soon, make sure to read the following tips from our Firefighter movers to help make your move go off without a hitch.


Reasons Why You Should Transition from a Home to an Apartment

First, you should have a good understanding of why downsizing is so beneficial. There are many advantages of living in a smaller space like an apartment compared to a full-size single-family house. Some a more obvious than others, but all can be a blessing to you and your family.


  • Lower Expenses. The bills and property taxes for an apartment or condo cost typically less than those of a house. Enjoy major savings once you’ve downsized.


  • Decreased Maintenance. When you live in an apartment, you are usually not responsible for the maintenance of outdoor areas. Unlike in your old house, you no longer have to move the lawn and clean the pool.


  • Less Stress. Downsizing means less clutter and less clutter means less stress. Living in a cluttered space is known to increase anxiety and even negatively affect family dynamics. By purging yourself of a lot of junk before moving into your new apartment, you are one step close to a happier and more Zen-like family life.


What to Do When Downsizing from a House to an Apartment

  1. Take measurements of your new place to figure out what furniture will or will not fit into your apartment.
  2. Start decluttering early and don’t hesitate to let go of a lot of things. You will now need to accommodate your living habits to a smaller space.
  3. Get your family, especially your kids, involved in the process to minimize the anxiety that can come from downsizing.
  4. Hire professional Dallas residential movers specialized in apartment moving like our North Texas movers at Firehouse Movers.