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How to Clean Paintbrushes for A Move

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Learning how to clean paintbrushes can be one of the most useful things that someone that is interested in moving to a new home will have to learn. Whether it’s when you are moving to a new home that needs to be painted or if you will be doing a certain amount of painting, some cleaning will have to be done, starting with your paintbrushes. In the following article, Firehouse Movers Frisco and our Frisco movers will detail what you can expect when it comes to cleaning brushes and the best way to do so. Continue reading below to learn more. 

How to Clean a Paintbrush with Paint Thinner

The first step in cleaning a paintbrush is to remove all of the paint that has dried by running it under warm water. This will remove the hard cap at the surface of the brush and is a good place to start before you begin to clean the more minor details of the paintbrush. After this step, you should fill a jar or cup with a solvent like paint thinner. Our Frisco, TX, movers recommend that you do this in a well-ventilated area. After pouring the paint thinner inside of the jar, you should make sure to stir the brush inside of the solvent for 10 to 30 seconds. Later, you should wash the bristles against the side of the bowl to wipe off all paint. Repeat this process until the brush is completely clean. 

How to Clean a Paintbrush with Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paint is more difficult to clean than water-based paint. To clean paintbrushes with oil-based paint, you should make sure that you use an appropriate solvent. For some paints, a simple paint thinner may not be strong enough to fully clean it. Oil-based paints will require mineral spirits or turpentine. After getting these materials, you should simply follow the process detailed above. 

How to Clean a Paintbrush with Dried Paint

Dried paint can require some more attention than simply running it under warm water. This is why our Frisco apartment movers recommend that you clean your brushes as soon as possible so that paint does not have the opportunity to dry completely. When you are cleaning a paint-dried paintbrush, you need to make sure that you soak it in vinegar for an hour. After soaking, the bristles of the brush should be more nimble and easier to clean. If it needs more time, you can bring a solution of vinegar and water to a boil, and soak the bristles in there, which should loosen them up. 

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