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Firehouse Movers COVID-19 Protocols

We at Firehouse Movers want to say thank God everyone that works with the company is healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic!

We value the health and safety of our employees and customers. So far, we have not had any cases of contamination within the Firehouse Movers family; we pray that this will continue to be the case. In the event that a staff member is known to be infected, we will temporarily have them out of the office as well as any coworkers who work in close proximity to them. Our North Texas movers want to assure our customers that we are doing everything possible to ensure the health and safety of our staff and community; we have developed proper procedures and protocols to do so.

Firehouse Movers COVID-19 Employee Protocols

  1. Employees must wash hands often, including immediately after they reenter the office.
  2. Employees are asked to bring hand sanitizer with them to work and use it often.
  3. Employees are highly encouraged to bring food from home instead of leaving for lunch.
  4. We ask employees to stay out of gas stations and instead pay at the pump.
  5. On arrival at a customer’s house, field staff will politely request to wash their hands before starting the move.
  6. We purchased tough disposable rubber gloves (mechanic gloves) to wear during the loading and unloading. These will be thrown away in the trash bag aboard each truck, not on the ground or at a customer’s home.
  7. Field staff must wash hands once everything is loaded onto the moving vehicle.
  8. Field staff must wash hands before and after unloading.
  9. When back at shop/warehouse, employees must wash their hands or use sanitizer and are encouraged to do so before getting into their personal vehicles.
  10. We are cleaning and disinfecting iPads after every move and at the end of each day.
  11. We encourage employees to immediately go shower upon arrival at home and to hold off on hugging loved ones until they do so. We also encourage them to put the day’s clothes in the hamper to wash; once someone puts them in the washer, they should wash their hands as well.
  12. Employees must wash their hands every time they come into the warehouse.
  13. Employees must disinfect their phones, dollies, tools, keys, and the insides of trucks that are used daily!
  14. If customers or employees have questions, they are encouraged to ask management. If they are unsure, they will get an answer back as quickly as possible!

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Disinfecting Our Trucks and Trailers Daily

A Time to Pray

We will get through the COVID-19 pandemic by praying sooner rather than later! Pray for the country, you and your family, the sick ones affected, health and safety for all, and the Texas business community! Stay POSITIVE, as hard as that may seem at times! GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU & YOUR FAMILY! Have a blessed day!