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Photo of a laundry basket beside a washing machine with a plant on top against a light blue background

How to Move a Washing Machine

Many people move washing machines because purchasing new ones can be very expensive. People will realize that moving such a machine can be much less expensive than the cost of replacing one. But these machines are very heavy and awkwardly shaped. What some people don’t realize is that without proper preparation, moving them can be…

Image shows an open dishwasher full of dishes

How to Move a Dishwasher

Dishwashers are common items in households and businesses alike. There are many reasons why you would consider moving a dishwasher. For one, replacing a dishwasher by acquiring a new appliance can be very expensive. This means that you might be moving a dishwasher to save on costs when you first get to your new home.…

Photo of a Bed

How to Move a Bed

If there is one item that every home will have, it is a bed. Homes vary greatly in what kind of furniture and furnishings they carry, but one constant is that they have beds. Beds vary greatly in the size and materials that they use, but they can be moved in much the same way,…

Pool Table with Balls and Cue Sticks

How to Move a Pool Table

Pool tables provide plenty of entertainment and memories for families. However, there is no hiding that they are bulky and awkwardly shaped. Their shape and size mean that they could be a burden to move from one home to another. If you find yourself in this situation, our Dallas movers would like to point out…

A photo of a trampoline against a plain white background

How to Move a Trampoline

Depending on the kind of home that you are moving out of and the age of the children that occupy it, you may have many belongings in your home that are mainly geared toward children. These could be playgrounds, various toys, and even trampolines. Trampolines and larger items are extremely inconvenient to move because of…

photo of a dresser

How to Move a Dresser

One of the most common items within a household is a dresser. While these pieces of furniture provide plenty of utility for people that are living in homes, they are quite bulky and heavy, which makes them extremely difficult to move. Further, these dressers may also have plenty of different materials inside of them, which…